Honda Civic Type R (EK9 chassis)

THE Hot Hatch: 1997-2000 Honda EK9 Civic Type-R

White JDM 1998 Honda Civic Type R (EK9 chassis) in outstanding condition now available in Japan

The stock cars that can out handle an EK9 are precious few, and that’s a fact. Good condition EK9 Civics can still be found here in Japan.

You should have seen the jaws drop when this JDM model came out in 1997 and blew everything off the track. It left other stock cars so far behind that Civic Type R owners had to race each other for competition.

Extremely lightweight with a stiff seam-welded chassis and race-tuned naturally aspirated 1.6-liter engine, this hot little hot hatch quickly became a legend in Japan and around the world for its incredible handling, astounding 116 PS per liter and exhilarating 8,400 redline.

Japanese remain just as enthusiastic about this model as they ever were, but some owners finally come around to selling them through used auctions and specialist dealers. When they do – as with this current pristine example ­— you can depend on Japan Car Direct to make it yours.

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