Import regulations for used cars to Canada

Quick Reference: ・15 years or older ・25 years old RHD exempt in Quebec・Legal nationwide ・Shipping to East and West ports ・Inland transport service・ Great resale value

Newer Imports to the North
The laws for importing left or right hand drive vehicles from countries other than America, allow for any vehicle (excluding large buses) older than 15 years to the month, to be imported into Canada. One exception to the 15 year rule is for “competition vehicles”. Competition Vehicles are designed for use exclusively in closed-course competition. The Quebec Department of Motor Vehicles states that RHD vehicles 25 years or older may be imported and registered in Quebec, bypassing the ban.

RORO shipping is available to Vancouver / New Westminster. Containers are also available to Halifax.

Canada Side Import Costs
The charges that you can expect to pay Canada side when importing a vehicle are as follows:

•  $300.00+gst Customs clearance / brokerage (If there is more than one vehicle on the same BL the remainder are $50.00 each.
•  $225 Dock charge / unloading of vehicle (could be a bit more if it’s an SUV / truck / larger vehicle)
•  $100~ Tow fee to have vehicle removed from bonded port yard. Importer must sign a contract with the transporter of their choice.
•  $100 Excise tax (if vehicle has air conditioning)
•  $43 CFIA soil exam + gst if vehicle gets flagged for exam
•  Duty 0- 2.5% on Japanese makes / 2.7%-3.3% on trucks / 6.1% on Non Japanese makes
•  Fill out the Japan free trade form for reduced duty rates on JDM vehicles
•  GST 5%

Disbursement 3.0% of the total of the invoice if payment is made by credit card (you can do a direct deposit to the bank if you want to save the disbursement cost). E-transfer payments are not acceptable.

Required Documents for Customs Clearance
After your vehicle is on the boat we will courier you the following documents:

•  Bill of Lading
•  Export Certificate
•  English Translation of Export Certificate
•  Bill of Sale / Commercial Invoice
•  Marine Insurance
•  Unless you have experience with import, we recommend using a customs clearance broker to get your vehicle cleared. We have had very good experience with, and recommend

Import Broker Information
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