Import regulations for used cars from Japan to Poland

Import better condition cars from Japan for less money than buying from EU countries!

We at Japan Car Direct LLC have exported hundreds of vehicles to Poland over the years. Our exclusive agreement with Japan Car Direct Poland has ended and we are now working direct with individuals and business to import direct from Japan.

There are 2 ways to import to Poland. The first is direct to Gdynia/Gdansk and the other is through Bremerhaven in Germany. The majority of our customers find it easier and cheaper to import through Bremerhaven port. Ocean freight is cheaper and import can be completed cheaper than shipping direct to Polish ports.

Required Documents Provided by JCD

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Original Bill of Landing
  • Export certificate
  • Export certificate translation

Direct Import from Japan to Poland

  • Duty: 10%
  • Excise Tax: depends on age and engine size (newer smaller engine cars are as little as 424 zł, older larger engine cars are as high as 18664 zł)
     Rok produkcji samochodu 
 Pojemność silnika   od 2016  2010 – 2015  2005-2009 2004 i starsze
 poniżej 1199 424 zł 474 zł 524 zł 574 zł
 1200-1499 638 zł 820 zł 1230 zł 1476 zł
 1500-1999 1072 zł 1378 zł 2067 zł 2481 zł
 2000-2499 1772 zł 2278 zł 3417 zł 4101 zł
 2500-2999 3025 zł 3592 zł 5388 zł 6466 zł
 3000-3499 4753 zł 5281 zł 7922 zł 9506 zł
 3500-3999 6328 zł 7031 zł 10547 zł 12656 zł
 4000 i więcej 12664 zł 14664 zł 16644 zł 18664 zł

•  VAT: 22%
•  Recycle fee: 500 zł

Import to Poland through Bremerhaven Germany:

Excise Tax: depends on age and engine size (newer smaller engine cars are as little as 424 zł, older larger engine cars are as high as 18664 zł)

 Pojemność silnika  od 2016 2010 – 2015 2005-2009 2004 i starsze

     Rok produkcji samochodu 
 poniżej 1199 424 zł 474 zł 524 zł 574 zł
 1200-1499 638 zł 820 zł 1230 zł 1476 zł
 1500-1999 1072 zł 1378 zł 2067 zł 2481 zł
 2000-2499 1772 zł 2278 zł 3417 zł 4101 zł
 2500-2999 3025 zł 3592 zł 5388 zł 6466 zł
 3000-3499 4753 zł 5281 zł 7922 zł 9506 zł
 3500-3999 6328 zł 7031 zł 10547 zł 12656 zł
 4000 i więcej 12664 zł 14664 zł 16644 zł 18664 zł

•  VAT (Germany): 19%
•  Recycle fee: 500 zł
•  VAT-25 form: 160 zł

Other Regulations:

Vehicles imported into Poland can not be sold, rented, lent or used by any person other than the registered owner for a year following the import.

Tax and Duty free import can be done by returning residents by submitting proof of ownership for at least 6 months to the customs office and the resident must have been outside of the EU for at least one year continuously.

Shipper must be present for customs clearance or fill out a notarized PoA (Power of Attorney) to handle the import when importing a used vehicle.

To Register:

The vehicle must be registered in the name of the current owner and the following documents are required:

•  Proof of ownership/confirmation of ownership transfer
•  Proof of registration if previously registered
•  Roadworthiness test certifications
•  Customs clearance certification
•  Cars classified as “other” must have a payment certification for the excise duty

Please check with Customs and the District Authority for the most up to date regulations, fees and procedures.

Cut out the middle man and work direct with JCD for the best service, vehicle information and competitive prices.

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