Purchase a used vehicle from JDM auctions and ship to Finland

The gateway to Scandinavia!

JCDs first Scandi export was to Kotka many years ago and Finland remains our largest market in the Baltic Sea area. The market has grown from EU re imports to include a wide variety of JDM models. Please register here for access to the auction marketplace.

More details regarding the process and costs involved can be found on the How To Buy page on the JCD site. Odotamme innolla, että voimme auttaa sinua!

Vehicle Regulations and Information
• Vehicles of any age may be imported to Finland
• LHD and RHD vehicles are both permitted
• RORO shipping to Hanko port
• No pre shipment inspection required
• 24% VAT calculated on the vehicle value

Pre-Purchase Checklist
• Contact your agent or JCD directly via email [email protected]
• Send vehicles links to your agent for translations
• Have a pre bid 3rd party inspection performed on the vehicle
• Tell your agent your absolute max bid
• Hope to win for less than your max!
Import Checklist

JCD will provide all the necessary documents for import required from Japan
• Commercial invoice
• Original Bill of Landing
• Export certificate
• Export certificate translation
• Bill of Lading

As the importer you will be responsible for preparing these Finnish Customs documents in addition to the documents provided by JCD.
• Form nr. 53s-03,
• Form nr. 72s-08,
• Form nr 27As-07 (standard size vehicle)
• Form 27Cs-07 (larger vehicles)

For more information, please contact your local customs office.

Vehicle Registration

The vehicle must be registered in the name of the current owner and the following documents are required:
• Proof of ownership/confirmation of ownership transfer
• Roadworthiness test certifications
• Customs clearance certification
• Vehicles imported from outside the EU must have a payment certification for the excise duty

For more information regarding vehicle registration please contact the Finnish Transport and Communications agency.