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Wherever you are in the world, dealer or individual, we are your best solution to import a JDM used vehicle.
We will guide you every step of the way, and beat your expectations!

Vehicle Search Engine: Over 150,000 vehicles at auction weekly, plus thousands more on dealer lots.
Let’s find the ideal car for you today!!

Step 1 Register on our vehicle search engine to see the largest selection of vehicles in Japan. We will activate your login and contact you.

Step 2 Tell us what vehicle you are interested in and the preferences you have for it. We will then provide an estimate to the desired port of delivery.

Step 3 To move forward, send a refundable 50,000 Yen deposit (8% for bids over $10,000 US), and we will search daily and translate the auction sheets of the vehicles meeting your requirements.

Step 4 Before deciding to bid or not we have additional professional third party inspections done on all vehicles to confirm they have been well-maintained and are in good overall condition.

Step 5 We will contact you with the inspection report, and bid if it meets your requirements. If you have the highest bid, and it meets the reserve, you will win for only $50 more than the second highest bidder. You can win for less than your maximum bid!

Step 6 After winning, pay the proforma invoice, and your vehicle will be delivered to the nearest port where multiple photos will be taken for your confirmation.

Step 7 We will make a booking on the next ship, send you the necessary documentation, and guide you through the import process.

JCD’s friendly professional service charge of ¥99,000 includes:
• Real-time internet support (Skype, Messenger, Twitter, Line, Homepage chat, etc.)
• Translation of auction sheets
• Arrangement and direction of professional pre-bidding inspections
• Transcription of inspection reports
• Auction bidding & Auction house fee
• Inquiry and negotiation with domestic used vehicle dealerships
• Washing of vehicle
• Arrangement of vehicle delivery to the nearest port for export
• Pictures taken of vehicle at port
• Maintenance and free estimates available at port
• Storage at the port (free up to 60 days if long term storage when requested upon purchase)
• Making a booking on the next available ship
• Vehicle de-registration
• Making of the export certificate, and all other necessary documents
• Translation of all export documents
• Export customs clearance
• Radiation inspection
• Japan side taxes
• Domestic & international postage

*Our base fee is ¥99,000. However, on vehicles costing more than ¥1,000,000, we charge an additional 5% of any amount in excess of ¥1,000,000. For example, an extra ¥5,000 is added to a winning bid of ¥1,100,000*

Additional Costs

  • Third party professional inspections: ¥3,000
  • Domestic inland transportation: ¥8,000 ~ ¥50,000 (depending on distance to nearest port)
  • Customers importing to countries that do not allow for inner cargo will be charged for the disposal or postage for any parts found in vehicles purchased at auction.
  • Freight (RORO or container) to the designated port
  • Any additional inspections required by the import country
  • Import customs clearance, duties and taxes
  • Compliance and registration
  • Please check Destinations for information on these costs in your country or region.

A Note on Simultaneous Bidding
The Japanese used car auctions provide a sophisticated, high tech exchange that is the closest thing to the free market ideal that it’s possible to get. It’s the place where many good deals are to be found and it’s fast paced and challenging.

Bidding is lightening quick and when a very popular car comes up there can be hundreds, even thousands of people placing their bids in just a few seconds and all in real time. And when the action is at its most intense you may get what’s called “simultaneous bidding,” where three, five, even ten bids are entered at the very same moment.

As the bids are electronically sorted in the queue it is possible to have a bid run over and the auction houses reserve the right to go up to JPY20,000 over your maximum bid.

While it is rather rare for this to happen, it at least gives you the chance of getting that in-demand car that you would otherwise have missed. If this happens (and it only happens occasionally, and usually only at the largest auctions) you’ll pay a touch more than you planned, but you’ll be very happy that you beat the others and scored that ideal machine.

Japan Car Direct provides friendly, honest, efficient service.
Get the vehicles you want today at a price you can afford!!!

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