Import regulations for used and new cars from Japan to Germany 

Importing a car to Germany from Japan is an easy and very enjoyable experience!

Importing a car to Germany from Japan is an easy and very enjoyable experience! There are many LHD Mercedes Benz, Porsche and BMWs found in excellent condition with far fewer kms than can be found in Germany! These cars are for the most part garaged, maintained perfectly and driven softly during their lives in Japan.

From Japan

RORO and container Shipping is available from Japan to Bremerhaven.

Ocean freight costs vary depending on the vehicle size and current rates so please ask your agent for a quotation.

For more information on the costs and process of exporting please visit the How to Buy page. You may also contact us via [email protected].

Upon arrival to Germany, you can expect the following costs:

• Clearance cost for customs and harbor – approximately €200
• Import Duty of 10% of the vehicle Cost and Freight (C&F)
• Tax at 19% of the vehicle Cost and Freight (C&F)

We work exclusively with Port Service Bremen and you may contact Sebastian with and import queries via [email protected]

Documentation Needed

• Application form to the German Department of Motor Vehicles
• Proof of identity and residence e.g. passport and residence registration receipt. Only residents and resident companies may register a car, either by themselves or through an authorized representative, who must submit a letter of attorney.
• US title or MSO*
• Customs clearance certificate (Zollbescheinigung) stating payment of or exemption of relevant taxes and duties.

Department of Motor Vehicles information
Vehicle fact sheet
Necessary certificates and the emissions certificate
Refitting of the vehicle to meet German standards*
Application for the German vehicle registration document
TUV presentation and inspection (inspection of road worthiness)
Drawing up of the German title and approval of the exception authorities*
Emissions tests (AU), required for used vehicles with petrol driven motors with catalytic converters built after the 1st of July 1969 and diesel engines after the 1st of January 1977.