Age Restriction and Compliance Standards

Vehicles that are 25 years or older upon arrival to OZ are fully exempt from RAWS and ROVER regulations!!
This is applicable for all states for RHD vehicles, and in Victoria and Western Australia for LHD vehicles as well. Here is the explanation of how to apply.
Asbestos Exam required prior to export.
To begin the application process please register here.

Vehicle Registration
Currently the registration system in OZ is in transition. The current RAWS system will be replaced by the ROVER system on July 1, 2022.
In addition, the vehicles on this list can be imported by individuals without the use of a RAW.
*Every RAW shop has a limited number of compliance plates allocated per year. In preparation for the switch over to ROVER, new compliance plates are no longer being issued. If importing prior to July 1st please confirm whether your local RAW has compliance plates if necessary.

Please contact Dolphin Shipping OZ for compliance and cost confirmation via [email protected] and register for access to the Japanese dealer auction marketplace.

We work with our trusted partner Dolphin Shipping Australia to handle shipping, compliance, import and delivery in OZ. We will introduce you to our team agents in the OZ office and work together to get you all the information you need.

There is weekly shipping by both RORO and container from the main ports in Japan to the main ports in Australia. The rates below are per vehicle and based on shipping from Moji, Nagoya, Osaka / Kobe and Yokohama to Brisbane, Port Kembla, Sydney, Melbourne, and Fremantle Ports.

The total costs in addition to the price of the vehicle are a combination of the Japan side and OZ side costs.

Japan Side

•  JCD Fee: 79,000 yen
•  Auction House Fee: 30,000 yen
•  Inland Transport to export yard: 18,000 ~ 35,000 yen for most houses
•  Export Customs Clearance 30,000 yen. Please see the How To Buy page for more details.

OZ Side
Freight shown in the Rate schedule below

•  GST – 10% of the FOB value (Total vehicle, Inland, Auction house fee, Export Clearance and JCD fee)
•  DUTY- 5% of the vehicle cost on the commercial import invoice.
•  Optional door delivery
•  BAF surcharge

Shipping Details

•  Vehicles must be drivable
•  2 Roll On/Roll Off Sailings (RORO) per month to Brisbane & Fremantle
•  4 Roll On/Roll Off Sailings (RORO) per month to Port Kembla (For Sydney) & Melbourne
•  Weekly Container Sailings from KOBE (for Osaka) & Yokohama to SYDNEY, MELBOURNE BRISBANE
•  Door 2 Door delivery available
•  Inner cargo not allowed on RORO shipments


 Up to 20 CBM or > 195cm tall AUD 2,875 AUD 3,100 AUD 2,780 AUD 2,940 AUD 3.250
 Bio Security Cleaning* AUD 0 AUD 185 AUD 450 AUD 450 AUD 450
 Heat Treatment(seasonal) AUD 250 AUD 250 AUD 250 AUD 250 AUD 250

* Please contact dolphin for a container quote if required.
*We can ship vehicles larger than 20 cbm but all quotes will be done on case by case basis and we will require the L x W x H
*Heat Treatment is mandatory from 1st September to 30th of April each year for Roll on Roll Off Services
*Heat Treatment AUD 250 per vehicle up to 2000kgs.
*DAFF inspection may be completed here in Japan or upon arrival in OZ
*Please contact us for quotes for vehicles over 20 cbm
*Heat treatment is only required during the winter months in Japan
* Bio Security cleaning is only done when OZ customs deems it necessary
** Baf (Bunker Fuel Surcharges) additional charge of $175 aud on RORO and $250 aud on containers
** GST and duty are not included in the rate schedule

Freight Rate Inclusions
Quarantine pre-clean and inspection at origin
Ocean freight
Australian port service and wharf handling charges
Australian document fees
Import customs clearance and quarantine clearance
Australian quarantine inspection

Door Delivery
if requested for up to 20 m3 in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth metro areas: AUD 180.00 + GST. Melbourne metro areas: AUD 210.00 + GST.