1999 Honda Civic GF-EK9 Type R

Sold and Exported

The Honda Civic Type R is one serious performance machine.

Honda takes a base Civic model and makes it nearly race-ready by specially tuning the engine, reinforcing the chassis, reducing overall weight, improving the brakes and much more.

In Japan, the resulting vehicle is so highly respected that many race car drivers begin their careers by competing in modified Civic Type Rs. This has only strengthened the model’s huge and passionate following among car enthusiasts worldwide — many of whom import used Civic Type Rs from the Japanese domestic market where car auctions and secondhand car dealers offer them in better condition at more reasonable prices.

To the joy of weekend racers, the Civic Type R also delivers all the reliability, fuel efficiency and practicality for which Honda is renowned. It handles weekday shopping and commuting just as adeptly as Sunday racing.

The hand-ported, naturally aspirated 1.6-liter, 16-valve DOHC VTEC B16B engine in this 1999 GF-EK9 Type R model is famous for producing high output per liter of displacement. Its 185 PS (136 kW; 182 hp) horsepower, 8,000 to 10,000 rpm redline and close-ratio 5-speed manual transmission make driving super fun. Turbocharged competitors may offer more torque, but nothing offers more bang for the buck in this price range than the Civic GF-EK9 Type R.

Handling is also impressive thanks to independent front double wishbones, responsive 4-wheel disc brakes, sway bars and suspension strut bars, various chassis reinforcement, accurate power-assisted steering and a helical limited-slip differential.

The Starlight Black Pearl body is smooth with factory tinted UV cut glass and little to give the race-bred performance away except handsome Advan Racing wheels and subtly integrated standard body-colored components like an underspoiler, sideskirts and roof spoiler. This is Japanese understatement at its best. With a closer look, you notice the hood-mounted Honda logo in red and silver and “Type R” marks emblazoned on the grille, skirts and hatch that show Honda is justifiably proud of its Civic Type R.

Step inside and you’ll discover more room than you imagined, courtesy of efficient Honda packaging including a transversely mounted engine. This beautiful model currently possessed by Japan Car Direct has a black interior with standard Type R features like red floor mats and armrests, a titanium shift knob, carbon fiber style meter backing, sporty aluminum pedals and of course “Type R” monikers here and there. The standard Momo leather-wrapped SRS steering wheel has been replaced by something sportier. And black leather bucket seats with red stitching replace the standard red fabric sport seats. Rear storage space is generous and convenient amenities like air conditioning and a navigation system are included. To make our customer even happier the owner included the original white Type R alloy wheels at no extra cost!

This 1999 Civic Type R is the perfect example of peak 1990’s Honda engineering and style. Honda practicality will make this Type R a daily driver while the rev happy B16B and LSD will make every day driving fun! Please contact Japan Car Direct so that we can help you find your dream car today!