Five More Fantastic Japan Domestic Market Vehicles, 15 Years Old in 2020

Five More Fantastic Japan Domestic Market Vehicles, 15 Years Old in 2020

2005 was a great year for new cars in the Japanese market and we covered four recommended models in part 1 of this series. In part 2, we introduce five more fantastic models that many Canadian enthusiasts will be eager to import from Japan.

  • 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
  • 2005 Maserati GranSport
  • 2006 Lexus GS
  • 2006 Lexus SC
  • 2006 Lexus IS

JDM 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
(released in October 2005)

Lamborghini-Gallardo-Spyder The seriously exotic JDM 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder is spectacularly stylish. From steeply raked windshield to aggressive wedge silhouette, it looks more at home on racetracks than public streets — especially in Japan.

When you step into the fighter-jet-like cockpit and start the 520-horsepower midship aluminum 5-liter V10 DOHC engine, it growls with the impatience of a hungry leashed lion. It’s enough to make you nervous!

But experience with other Lamborghinis at Japan Car Direct gave me the confidence to press the pedal for 4 seconds flat. The Gallardo Spyder effortlessly rocketed past 60 mph and the ear-splitting roar sent shivers down my spine.

The power was simply phenomenal throughout the rpm range and it’s supposed to reach a maximum speed of 314 kph (195 mph) with the roof on. No other 2005 spyder offers anything close to this level of exhilaration. Please import yours through Japan Car Direct so we can more thoroughly confirm its spectacular performance.

The full power of the phenomenal engine is brought out by full-time 4WD with visca traction that ensures a solid grip even on slippery surfaces. Handling is further enhanced by high-performance Pirelli P ZERO tires that are ultra-wide in the rear, ESP (Electronic Stability Program), ASR traction control, ABS and ABD (Automatic Brake Differential).

Inside, the JDM 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder is comfortable with heated, highly adjustable leather seats and plenty of power luxuries like climate control. Shifting is accomplished via H-Box 6-speed manual transmission or 6-speed E-Gear semi-automatic gearbox with paddles on the steering column for extra fast shifting. There is little space for luggage in the cabin, but up to 110 liters of luggage fit under the hood.

The weatherproof fabric top is particularly well designed and effectively cuts down on road noise. With the press a button, you can raise it in about 20 seconds or retract it into the engine compartment. There are no conventional roll bars, but bars pop up in the event of an emergency.

Audi ownership is your assurance of outstanding reliability in one of the coolest supercars ever made. When you’re ready to move up to the JDM 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, or another Lamborghini supercar model like the 1992 Lamborghini Diablo, be sure to give Japan Car Direct a call. It will be our pleasure to find you the best possible deal in Japan (the average price is currently around C$290,000) and arrange for overseas delivery to your exact specifications.

2005 Maserati GranSport


Stunningly gorgeous and aerodynamic with big 19-inch alloy wheels, wide low-profile tires and a brilliant engine sound, the exclusive JDM 2005 Maserati GranSport turns heads wherever it goes, whether you’re in Canada or Japan. As the sporty version of the Maserati Coupe, it’s also exhilarating to drive.

The naturally aspirated Ferrari-Maserati 4.2-liter V8 DOHC engine with variable valve timing produces up to 400 PS at 7,000 rpm and 46.0 kgm of torque at 4,500 rpm — enough to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 4.85 seconds and attain a maximum speed of 290 kph (180 mph).

Shifting is also super fast thanks to a Cambiocorsa semi-automatic 6-speed gearbox controlled by paddles on the steering wheel and mode buttons on the center console. Normal and Sport modes adjust not only gear shifting, but suspension stiffness and stability control. Low Grip mode improves performance on snow and ice, and Auto mode returns to manual shifting with the press of a paddle.

Pleasurable sports machine handling is yours with the support of finely tuned double wishbone suspensions, optional Skyhook adaptive damping and large Brembo brakes with four-piston calipers.

The JDM 2005 Maserati GranSport’s sporty leather interior is as beautifully crafted as you would expect from Maserati. Sporty carbon fiber accents grace the steering wheel and dashboard. The front seats are wide and comfortably contoured. There is more than enough space for two adults in back and impressive amenities abound. Safety features include various airbags, stability control, traction control and rear parking sensors.

Since many Japanese prefer to equip high-status European automobiles with an “authentic” left hand steering wheel, we can help you find a JDM 2005 Maserati GranSport with the steering wheel on the left for more comfortable driving in Canada.

This coveted model is available now for import from Japan for about C$176,500. However, patient Canadians willing to wait until January 2021 can import a spyder based on the same coupe when the JDM 2006 Maserati GranSport becomes available for import to Canada. Either way, you’ll be driving one of the finest machines on the road.

Other Maserati models such as this 2002 Maserati 3200GT Assetto Corsa can also be imported in great condition at very reasonable prices with the assistance of Japan Car Direct.


2005 was the first year for JDM Lexus


2020 is the first year that Canadians can import used JDM Lexus models from Japan because Lexus models were sold in Japan as Toyotas until 2005 — the Lexus GS was the Toyota Aristo, the Lexus SC was the Toyota Soarer, and the Lexus IS was the Toyota Altezza.

Toyota went the extra mile to make Lexus models better than ever in 2005 and ensure their success in the ultra-demanding Japanese market. The result is three outstanding JDM 2005 Lexus models that we highly recommend to customers in Canada.

  • JDM 2006 Lexus SC
  • JDM 2006 Lexus IS
  • JDM 2006 Lexus GS


JDM 2006 Lexus SC
(released in August 2005)


Globally renowned for its supreme quality and reliability, the beautiful Lexus SC hardtop convertible combines the best of premium sedan luxury and open-air driving pleasure.

In 2005, a single Lexus SC model was available in Japan — the JDM 2006 Lexus SC 430 with 4.3-liter V8 DOHC engine. Featuring VVT-i for strong low-end torque and potent high-end horsepower (280 hp), this powerful engine propels the SC 430 from a standstill to 60 mph in about 5.8 seconds to rival the competition from Jaguar and Mercedes Benz.

Handling is excellent with the right balance of sportiness and smooth, comfortable ride thanks to a four wheel double-wishbone suspension, traction and stability control, a highly rigid body designed from the start for a convertible, and 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels that have a sporty 5-spoke design.

Inside, the JDM 2006 Lexus SC 430 is elegantly crafted and lavishly appointed. Seats and trim are covered with the finest semi-aniline leather that reveals the grain and hair pores. The doors, center console and instrument panel feature furniture-quality wood panels made from one of four types of wood to best complement the seat color. Even the tiltable, telescopic steering wheel is covered with leather and wood trim.

When you want to enjoy sunny weather, the weather-resistant aluminum top opens with the press of a button in less than 30 seconds. Standard interior features include a climate control system, Optitron meters that contribute to the premium look, a wide range of safety features including front and side airbags, and anti-theft features including an advanced immobilizer, anti-pry door locks and an auto alarm that sounds if either door is improperly opened.

The smooth shifting 6-speed automatic transmission comes with a sequential shift feature for manual shifting pleasure and NAVI AI-SHIFT, which selects appropriate gears based on road conditions as determined by the vehicle and navigation system.

Japan Car Direct can help you find and import a beautiful JDM 2006 Lexus SC for around C$85,700 or a Toyota Soarer Convertible, the equivalent of the Lexus SC before Lexus came to Japan, for even less. 


JDM 2006 Lexus IS
(released in September 2005)


The handsome JDM 2006 Lexus IS offers quality beyond compare and the fastest performance of any compact sports sedans in its class — a class that includes the BMW 3 Series.

On the JDM 2006 Lexus IS 350, a 3.5-liter V6 DOHC engine offers smooth, powerful response throughout a wide rpm range. Power is enhanced by variable timing for both the intake and exhaust valves and a variable combination of direct and port fuel injection. The result is 318 hp and plenty of torque that propel the IS 350 from zero to sixty in just over 5 seconds.

The JDM IS 250 grade is equipped with a less powerful 2.5-liter V6 DOHC engine (215 hp), but makes up for this in cold climates by offering an optional 4WD system that improves grip in snow. The 4WD option also includes interior leather and wood trim.

Both the IS 350 and IS 250 feature a crisp-shifting 6-speed automatic transmission with NAVI AI-SHIFT paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

Two special packages are available on the JDM 2006 Lexus IS. The sports package (S version) adds big 18-inch wheels (instead of 17-inch wheels), higher performance engine tuning, a sportier suspension and more accurate steering. The luxury package (L version) includes semi-aniline genuine leather seats and trim (as opposed to standard cloth seats and optional leather), genuine wood panels and an electric rear sunshade.

Thoughtful standard features include dual-zone climate control and highly secure SmartAccess keyless entry. As long as you are carrying the smart key, you can unlock the door just by grasping the door handle and start the engine by pressing the engine switch while stepping on the brake.

Sporty, comfortable and luxurious, the JDM 2006 Lexus IS is very hard to beat. If you’re looking for a used compact sports sedan, be sure to contact our team at Japan Car Direct. We can find you one in excellent condition for between C$50,000 and C$63,000, depending on the grade.


JDM 2006 Lexus GS
(released in August 2005)


Elegantly designed with a long, low body and attractive fastback, the JDM 2006 Lexus GS midsize executive sedan offers impressive performance, spacious comfort and luxury amenities.

The 2006 Lexus GS is available in two grades in the Japanese domestic market — the JDM GS430 with aluminum 4.3-liter V8 engine that produces 280 hp, and the JDM GS 350 with 3.0-liter V6 engine that generates 315 hp. While the GS 430 is the higher-end model, the GS 350 offers slightly more power and optional 4WD that works great in Canadian snow when you mount the right tires. Both engines are teamed with a 6-speed automatic transmission featuring NAVI AI-SHIFT and the GS430 rivals the performance of the contemporary BMW 545i, which is saying a lot.

A supremely smooth and comfortable ride is one of the notable features of the JDM 2006 Lexus GS. Handling is extremely stable courtesy of active stability control and you can switch the adaptive variable suspension to a firmer setting when you desire more dynamic handling. Braking is also smooth and stable thanks to 4-wheel discs, ABS and electronic (brake-by-wire) control.

The interior is roomy and luxuriously trimmed with leather and wood. All passengers enjoy plenty of legroom and the front leather seats are heated as well as 10-way power adjustable. Attractive Optitron meters with a dark aluminum background and glare-adjustable glass stand out in a refreshingly uncluttered instrument panel that smoothly integrates with the dashboard and center console.

Luxury amenities abound, including standard dual-zone automatic climate control, a 7-inch multi-information touch screen, a power tilt and telescoping steering wheel, a convenient trunk pass through, and options like a navigation system, moonroof and ventilated front seats.

Safety features include various standard front and rear airbags, optional lane keeping assist, and an optional pre-collision system that not only detects impending frontal collisions via millimeter-wave radar and warns the driver, but lends braking assistance to reduce collision damage when necessary. The same radar system supports optional cruise control.

It’s a crying shame that 2020 marks the final year of the GS series, but you can still enjoy the exceptional midsize driving pleasure of the GS in a used model from Japan for as little as C$66,000. You can also import earlier Toyota JDM versions of Lexus models, such as the JDM 1998 Toyota Harrier, which was sold in other markets as the Lexus RX.

Contact Japan Car Direct for assistance in your search to find the best used car for import from Japan.

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