Toyota Mark II for East Africa

Toyota Mark II

When you’ve made a bit of money it’s nice to show it off, just a little, I think.

And why not? If they are tasteful and good quality, it’s nice to have nice things. That’s what we are working for, not just for the bare means of survival for ourselves and our families, but for a few luxuries, too. That’s why we work so hard.

Toyota Mark II

And that’s why the Toyota Mark II has become so popular in East Africa, and especially in Uganda: because it’s tasteful and reliable. (In addition, its straight six engines give better gas mileage than the big V8s and V12s found in some other luxury cars. And the straight six is silky smooth, which is the signature of the true luxury car. The great British luxury cars like Jaguar and Daimler had straight six engines for ages and ages!)

The engines available with the Mark II are among the best and most reliable engines ever: the 2,000cc 1G-FE and the 2,500cc 1JZ-GE found in many Lexus cars, and the super powerful turbo 1JZ-GTE used in the legendary Toyota Supra are bullet-proof power units that will last nearly forever.

These engines are used in up-market limousine taxis and commonly get 600,000kms and even 1,000,000kms without major repairs or overhauls in hard daily use in downtown and expressway traffic in Tokyo and other major cities here in East Asia.

The long life, reliability, and strength of these engines is also found in the bodies of these cars as well. These features go to make the Mark II one of the best quality and practical (and cheap to run) used luxury sedans available to import direct from Japan to Uganda, to Kenya, or to Tanzania.

And the car has nimble handling and a very good turn of speed. It’s not too wide at 1,760mm or too heavy at 1,530kgs. And, of course, it has all the luxury features you’d expect: CD, power windows, power mirrors, keyless, central locking, air con, air bags, and on and on; no need to list it up with a car like this.

The classic FR layout is also what you’d expect in a luxury sedan of this high grade, but don’t forget that there is an all wheel drive (AWD) option if you have to drive on low traction surfaces like heavy rain, wet leaves, dirty roads, snow, or mud. And the good looks with the flowing lines and large front and rear lights (these Mark IIs are called Kitala in Uganda because of this feature) are just what you want when it’s time to show off just a bit….tastefully.

To find your Japanese used Toyota Mark II now for Uganda (or Tanzania), just contact us.