JDM Nissan Silvia S15


Red JDM Nissan Silvia S15

A Prince among drift car royalty. Now a very popular import to the U.K. for the growing Drift Car Mania.

If you’re serious about importing a JDM turbocharged drift car, you can go for something light like the Toyota AE-86, something heavy like the Toyota Chaser or something in between like the Nissan Silvia. Drifters and tuners everywhere are dying to get their hands on a Nissan Silvia in excellent condition and Japan Car Direct — your expert source for used vehicles available in Japan — has the right connections to make it happen.

Silvias proved themselves formidable in Japanese street racing and all sorts of motorsports throughout the 80’s, 90’s and beyond. Their engines are easy to modify to over 300 hp, their front engine, rear-wheel drive configuration supports serious drifting, and their near 50:50 weight distribution provides a clear advantage in handling. Moreover, some models are equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission.

The Nissan Silvia S15 is especially appealing with its unrivaled performance and low, aggressive body that makes any drifter’s heart race. But earlier models like this Nissan Silvia S14 we shipped to a drifting enthusiast abroad are also extremely popular. Whichever model and year you choose, be sure to follow the import regulations of the country you live in because import authorities are always on the lookout for drifters jumping the gun.

Whether you live in Australia, Malaysia, England or any other country where drifting is popular, we can help you find the JDM Nissan Silvia of your dreams. There is simply no better market than the Japanese used car market if you’re looking for the real thing — a genuine JDM Nissan Silvia in great condition that’s been carefully inspected by a professional third party.

We can source the year and model you are looking for through used car auctions and specialist dealers all over Japan where we’ve been a leading force in used car export for over a dozen years. Our expert team will answer all your questions and keep you fully informed of every detail in English so you know exactly what you want to know, including how every penny is spent.