Nissan 180SX 1990 1.8 TURBO


Blue JDM 1990 Nissan 180SX with 175 hp engine and 5-speed manual transmission in nearly stock condition

Guys! Guys!! Guys!!! You can have this model now in the USA. Finally, good 25 year old Nissan 180SXs are available for the States.

American drifters have been snatching them up from the Japanese used car market since they became legally importable in 2015. But we can still source them for export at surprisingly reasonable prices. Don’t wait to check out the great used vehicles available in Japan!

You’ll find JDM vehicles tastefully modified by Japanese tuners, as well as vehicles from purists who resisted the temptation — giving you total freedom to create the personalized performance car of your dreams. Just take a gander at this beautiful 1991 S13 180SX we shipped to a lucky Nissan lover abroad.

Whether you choose the 1990 model with 175 hp or a later model up to 1994 with 202 hp, you’ll never regret a single exhilarating moment behind the wheel. So don’t wait any longer. Give the passionate experts at Japan Car Direct a call today!