1988 Suzuki Carry 4WD Clean Little Truck with DUMP!


White JDM 1988 Suzuki Carry dump truck in pristine condition

One of the best optional features that comes with some minitrucks is the dump body.

Suzuki Carry kei trucks with open box beds and hydraulic arm lifters are among the many unique used vehicles available in Japan, where kei trucks are used for everything from fire trucks to gas tankers.

This vehicle may look like a toy, but it’s seriously practical with a 4WD system that comes in handy in rough terrain. On farms, construction sites and landfills, it offers a highly efficient and cost-effective alternative to larger vehicles. In busy cities as well, where space is limited and heavy traffic demands quick moves, the small dimensions and outstanding maneuverability provide major advantages. Moreover, driving and dump operation are so simple that literally anyone with any car license can handle it.

The range of available used Suzuki Carry trucks is always amazing and Japan Car Direct can help you find just the right vehicle for import to your nearest port. If you’re looking for a robust 1988 model like this pristine example, we can source as many as you like in great condition that will provide you and your business with many years of trouble-free, productive service.

With a little imagination, you can modify JDM Suzuki kei trucks and kei vans into just about anything. In Tokyo, some entrepreneurs transform Suzuki kei vans into mobile eateries and coffee shops that can park just about anywhere to tempt passing pedestrians. Take a look on the internet and you’ll find many incredibly cool 4WD kei trucks with big knobby tires and outlandish paint jobs catching people’s eyes and navigating challenging terrain.

Here’s a standard unmodified JDM Suzuki Carry kei truck we exported to one of our many satisfied customers abroad — a great base model with unlimited possibilities! Like most of the kei vehicles we handle, it was found through a Japanese used car auction at a shockingly affordable price. Give us a call and the next inspiring Suzuki kei vehicle we export could be yours.