Daihatsu HiJet JUMBO


Daihatsu HiJet JUMBO

A perfect minitruck option for hunters: the extended cab provides dry storage space for rifles, ropes, tarps and tents as well as a couple more inches of leg room. Skedaddle along the highway or maybe load it in the back of your pickup truck, drive to your favorite hunting spot and away you go. Dry and warm in the fully equipped cab, bring back your game in style!

Also imagine how practical this little 4WD truck would be for helping out on ranches, handling odd jobs on construction sites, around campus or at the zoo, the list is endless. Anything a side by side can do, a mini truck can do better!

Small in overall dimensions but spacious inside, the Daihatsu HiJet JUMBO is the extended cab version of one of Japan’s most popular kei trucks. It may not look like a 4WD vehicle, but it offers exceptional traction on narrow forest trails, up slippery slopes where big trucks fear to tread, and through uneven terrain while carrying up to 770 pounds of cargo. And under the 25-year import rule it’s also perfectly street legal in 21 states.

Here’s another great 4WD Daihatsu HiJet we recently sourced and shipped abroad for a very low price. You simply can’t beat the Japanese used car market!

It’s one of hundreds of uniquely designed used vehicles currently available in Japan. Contact us today for more information.