Alpina B6 Touring Wagon 1997


Alpina B6 Touring Wagon

The Alpina B6 Touring Wagon was a limited edition with only 276 units sold in Japan, of which 136 were LHD. Based on the E36 M3 Touring Wagon it combined the performance of an Alpina with the practicality of a family station wagon. Alpina modified the stock 24 valve dual overhead cam 2.5 liter straight six 192 hp engine with custom head work, cams, forged pistons, custom exhaust manifold, tuned the ECU, and bored out the engine to displace 2.8 liters and was able to push the power up to 240 hp. While the weight of the wagon limits acceleration, the B6 2.8 will still get from 0-60 mph in under 7 seconds (6.9). Other Alpina parts included suspension modifications (springs, sway bars, bushings, shocks), 17” wheels, sport seats, floor mats, three spoke steering wheel, aerodynamics, brakes, blue instrument cluster as well as the iconic Alpina pinstriping and badges.