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The JCD Way

How to Buy a JDM Car from JCD

  • Contact us by first registering on our search engine or Whatsapp
  • Send us a refundable deposit
  • Select the vehicle your desire and we’ll have it inspected
  • Go forward with the auction bid or dealer purchase if you are happy with the information we have obtained
  • Pay the invoice and your vehicle will be exported on the next available ship
  • Receive updates on yard photos, vessel booking and ETA
  • Receive all the necessary paperwork by courier and complete the import process
  • JCD can also assist with arranging import brokerage and inland transport

① Auction Sheet Translation

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② Inspection Report

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③ Live Online Bidding

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In the export business since 2006 and continue to be your best solution for vehicle imports from Japan!


Our main mission is simple. We strive for every customer’s total satisfaction and to provide the best online platform to import a car from Japan. We work to achieve this with honest, professional service, and clear communication. We are auction members with bidding privileges at all the dealer’s auctions in Japan. JCD’s customers are supplied with auction memberships enabling them to search at their leisure, and see the auction reports, photos and winning bids of  thousands of JDM vehicles weekly at the over 120 dealer auctions. It is our goal to provide the best place for you to find the exact car your are seeking. Commercial vehicles, a second car, we’ve got your needs covered regardless of what sort of JDM car you might be looking for.

We provide professional inspections of all vehicles to assure that they meet customers’ required spec and condition before purchase. We source JDM vehicles from auction houses, dealer’s lots and private sellers to ensure your dream car is available to you. After being purchased the vehicles are transported to the nearest port for export to the required destination using experienced shipping companies. We are here to serve all of our customers in a straight forward and ethical manner. We want you to enjoy the buying process. Our knowledgable team will help you navigate import regulations for your home country. When it comes to buying your new Japanese car, we believe the while process should be as easy as possible. We work for a set service fee and customers can win their new Japanese car at auction for less than their maximum bid. A scan of the winning bid is sent to every customer. The lower our customers win for the happier we all are!

Enjoy the Process, Love the Results

  • Friendly professional service for a set import broker fee
  • Accurately translated auction sheets & detailed pre-bidding inspections
  • Knowledgeable bilingual auction agents with over 40 years experience exporting and importing cars from Japan.
  • Membership at over 120 dealer auctions across Japan selling a variety of JDM cars.
  • Streamlined process and seamless communication from winning to delivery
  • Working for your satisfaction thru out the entire process of importing your new Japanese car!
  • Knowlegable about import restrictions, restricted imports, import fees such as customs duty fees and all other aspects of the Japanese vehicle import and shipping process.

Exporting JapanESE CARS to Over 50 countries

Over 7000 Japanese Cars exported. Is your dream car next?

Over 40 years of combined experience WITH JAPANESE CARS

Japan Car Direct NHK TV Spot

We have been featured on Japanese national television! Watch us work at a dealer's lot and in our office.
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