Anna T

Anna T

Hey Matt! The van is awesome!! I ended up having it shipped on a truck from the port. So excited, thank you! Anna T – USA

Travis M

Hey Matt! Got the cruiser today. The broker you recommended was great and import went smoothly. Learned to always bring a portable jump starter hahaha, other than that smooth sailing. The truck is awesome! Travis M

William and Xavier Zuccon

Hi Matt and Happy New Year! The Toyota AE86 arrived today. She’s a beauty – highly original and in astonishingly good condition for her near 40 years. Drives well and everything works (it’s a Toyota after all!) You did a wonderful job for us all round which we much appreciate. AutoHub did it’s part equally […]

Edwin D

I got the car! It’s amazing, thank you so much to everyone at Japan Car Direct for all the help. I couldn’t be happier. Edwin D


Yoshi The GT-R arrived last Sunday, and we picked it up yesterday. Great vehicle, exactly as represented! Thank you for the amazing advice, honesty, and a very smooth transaction. I look forward to buying some additional vehicles in the future. Best, Tim

Jay Blair

Hey Matt! JZX100 arrived and I love it!! Thanks for your service. No issues with import. Fresh deposit sent. Let`s get after the next one! Jay Blair


Hey Mason, Just wanted to pass along an update, finally got the Land Cruiser over to my apartment after some time at my mechanics getting it cleaned up. Still waiting to get it registered to drive on the road but wanted to pass on a quick pic! Thanks again for all the assistance, when I’m […]

Matt Larkin

Hey Mike, Good to hear from you and thank you all for the help with this. Also, let me take this chance to say how happy I am with this entire experience. The vehicle is great, but the customer service and level of care that was provided by you and the JCD team was truly […]

Eric S.

Taylor, I am happy to report that all three of the trucks have arrived and been picked up. I appreciate all of your assistance, you made the process easy. I can’t say enough good things about Japan Car Direct. I will send you some pics of all three of us and our trucks soon. Thank […]