Kei Truck Cutie


Kei Truck Cutie

My neighbor up here in the hills recently bought herself a used Japanese kei truck at auction. She’s not the type of person that I normally think of as owning a 4WD kei truck. Now I’m not saying that I think kei truck owners are all landscapers, hunters, independent building contractors, or hard core off […]

Used Fire Trucks from Japan

From the Big Pumpers to the Pint-Sized Squirters, They’ll Dowse the Blaze. I’ve never driven a fire truck, but I’ve watched my father-in-law’s one hundred year old Japanese farm house burn down. There were a lot of factors in that disastrous day but I still think that, if we’d had something like this Kei fire […]
Import used R34 Skyline from Japan via Japan Car Direct

R34 Skylines to the USA. Let’s Rock!

Import One of the Best High, High Performance Cars Ever, Ever Made “I can now import a used R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R to the USA. Yeehaw!” These are sweet words that our customers in America can now say to themselves. And they can say more: “I can now buy and import one the most potent […]
Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2-image001

The Top End: Used Supercars… Part 1

Are You with the Smart Money to Import a Second Hand Supercar from Japan? Yes. Very much so. I was talking this out recently with Matt and the crew here at Japan Car Direct and I was saying that some of the deals on used Italian supercars, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, bought at auction in here […]
Beat the Crisis Part 4-00002

Beat the Crisis. Beat the Car Shortage. Part 4

Import One of the Best Little Things On Four Wheels: A Japanese Kei Van I had to borrow my friend’s Japanese Kei van the other day to haul some things that my car couldn’t carry. (Since my car is a Miata, there are many things it can’t carry.) I got to thinking again about the […]

Beat the Crisis. Beat the Car Shortage. Part 3

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Beat the Crisis. Beat the Car Shortage. Part 2

Since our last look at the The Crisis (the car shortage, that is, see here) things have not gotten any better: Russia and Ukraine are still punching each other, everybody and his brother are splashing sanctions all over the shop, the European motor industry is looking ever gloomier, and prices of good (if you can […]

Beat the Crisis. Beat the Car Shortage. Part 1

O.K., guys, yeah, there’s a car shortage. A shortage of both new and used cars. The Ukraine crisis has made things worse, but the trouble didn’t start there. Various supply chain disruptions, due in part to government Covid restrictions, have added to problems like the shortage of semiconductors (the “Chip Crisis”), to make things difficult […]

4WD Meeting at the Trailhead

So what do you think you’re going to meet with when you take your dog for a walk up one of the Mount Fuji forest hiking trails close to my house? Think you might meet a herd of Japanese Shika deer? Yeah, you might do. You’ll meet them quite often, actually. How about a troop […]