Suzuki Carry 1999

Sold and Exported

Another good minitruck scored here in Japan for export to Canada!

Japanese minitrucks are one of our favorite vehicles to sell, and not just because we export a fair number of 4WD minitrucks from Japan to Canada, the USA, and Australia, but also because it is one of the vehicles that we believe in the most.

Maybe it sounds strange to hear a used car exporter talking about “believing in” a vehicle. I mean most people must think that used car dealers are pretty hardnosed types that will do or say anything necessary to get any customer to buy any vehicle that can be sold. Not so. There are cars and trucks that we don’t recommend and, although we didn’t make them and we can’t accept any responsibility for flaws and problems, we do guide our customers away from cars that we think are not reliable, good quality machines.

Japanese minitrucks, and especially the Suzuki Carry, are vehicles that we can sell with confidence. Confidence that: 1) It will be cheap to run both in terms of fuel and maintenance. 2) It will do what our customer needs: haul goods, equipment, and trophy deer over rough country, farm or forest, and still handle town runs, too. 3) It will give our customer many years of service and fun.

This 1999 4WD Suzuki Carry (DB52T chassis) that we have now exported to Canada is a perfect example of why it’s great to sell these little trucks and great to buy one, too: It’s a clean, capable vehicle with very low mileage and sold at an excellent price. I can’t reveal the exact price since that is our customer’s proprietary information, but I can say without any hesitation that it was a good deal indeed and if you contact us because you want to buy a minitruck direct from Japan at the used car auctions we can score you a good deal on a good 4WD minitruck just like this one. (And not only from the Japanese used car auctions but also from the dealers here; we work with them, too, and have sourced many good minitrucks, especially 25 year old units for the States and Australia).