1995 Suzuki Carry

Sold and Exported

The Suzuki Carry has long been Japan’s most popular JDM kei truck. You see it everywhere there are small businesses because they are so incredibly practical, durable and affordable. Powered by a reliable three-cylinder engine and sporting a bed with 350 kilo payload, the Carry is the little workhorse that could. It is also one of our favorite used JDM vehicles at Japan Car Direct.

1995 Suzuki Carry for sale at japanese car auctions in great condition at low prices

It is also popular outside of Japan, especially throughout Asia, where it is sold under various names and appreciated for its capabilities as well as compact dimensions that are perfect for crowded city streets and parking lots.

Rectangular headlights, rather than round ones, tell you this clean white 1995 Suzuki Carry is one of the higher spec models. Its clear front turn signals further convey that it was released before July 1995 when Suzuki started making them fully amber.

1995 Suzuki Carry for sale at japanese car auctions in great condition at low pricesThe payload is a respectable 350 kilos (770 lbs), which is ample for everyday tasks at small businesses, ranches and farms. When you want to carry extra-wide loads that stretch beyond the Carry’s compact dimensions, simply fold down the sides and rear gate of the bed to transform it into a flatbed.

This Carry is powered by a 657 cc inline three-cylinder engine (F6A) carried over from the previous generation that produces a maximum 42 PS (31 kW) at 5500 rpm and 5.6 kg⋅m (55 N⋅m; 40 lb⋅ft) at 4000 rpm. This may not sound like very much power, but it’s enough for the lightweight Carry to keep up with traffic and handle hills while loaded. Fuel economy is an excellent 16 km per liter, which contributes to the Carry’s outstanding long-term affordability.

For as little as $3,000, you can have a cool JDM minitruck in excellent condition that comfortably seats two and carries lots of cargo to meet personal and business needs for years and years of reliable performance to come.

1995 Suzuki Carry for sale at japanese car auctions in great condition at low pricesJapan Car Direct loves these old minitrucks and exports them to happy customers around the globe who recognize real value when they see it. Practical, durable, reliable, affordable, easy to maintain… we highly recommend the Suzuki Carry kei truck.

As with all used kei truck models, there are plenty of options to choose from including vehicles with a scissors lift bed, dump bed or 4WD. The 4WD versions provide low gearing and can reliably take you where larger trucks can’t go. Many Americans and Canadians raise the suspension on these surprisingly capable off-road machines to add knobby tires for even more aggressive off-road use.

You could also purchase a stock Suzuki Carry and modify it however you like. The possibilities are endless, as you can see with an entertaining search on the internet which may uncover Suzuki Carry snow plows and campers.

For the most helpful service and easiest import of used kei trucks and other JDM vehicles, contact Japan-based Japan Car Direct.