Suzuki Carry 1988

Sold and Exported

This very very clean and very very low kilometers minitruck was found by the customer himself. He asked us here at Japan Car Direct to obtain further detailed photos of the minitruck, learn more about its condition and history, and negotiate with the Japanese used car dealer to get the truck at a good price.

As a Japan-based used car exporter, this is a service that we happily provide to our overseas customers to help them buy cars from Japanese used car dealers. We have native-speaker Japanese staff who negotiate the best terms with the seller, whether the seller is a general used car dealer, a specialist vehicle dealer, or a private seller.

This 4WD Suzuki Carry was made before January 1st, 1989 and clears all the hurdles for import to Australia (or to the US).

With its dual range (Hi and Lo) in 4WD it is like a little tractor, and its diff-lock makes the Carry Minitruck a very potent off road vehicle for hunters and farmers and adventurers of all types.

The older Suzuki Carry minitrucks are one of our strongest exports to Australia and the US because they clear the heavy restrictions on used vehicle imports to those countries and because, as you can see with this fine little guy here, then have lots of life and many miles of fun and productive off-road, farm, and in town service and pleasure driving left in them.

We strongly recommend these older minitrucks as one of the best buys in the Japanese used cars for export market. Good examples are still coming up for sale here and we keep our eyes out for them. If you would like to buy a good used minitruck from Japan just get in touch with us here and we’ll get you a nice one.