Subaru Sambar 4WD Mini Truck

Sold and Exported

“And how old do you think I am, Darling?”

Very often when a customer comes to us looking for a used Japanese Kei Truck his approach starts with “clean.” It’s not only “low mileage,” or “cheap,” or “good condition;” although these are important to all buyers of secondhand vehicles from Japan. But, with Kei Trucks, it’s “clean” that everyone is hunting for first.

“Can you Japan Car Direct guys get me a clean used Sambar 4WD?” is the sort of enquiry we get, and it’s the sort of enquiry that this little KS4 Sambar Truck fully satisfies.

She is Clean. Look at the photos here and that’s the first thing you’ll think: “She’s clean.” The second thing you’ll think, as I did, is: “I want this Kei Truck!” (Yes, I’m a part time mind reader.)

And this sweety here well satisfies the other important factors for a good used car, too, like “low mileage,” exacatacaly 63,593.6 kilometers (39,515.2 miles) on her. And I’ll read your mind again and guess that you’re thinking: “That’s low mileage, Dude!” (I’m good at it, aren’t I?)

As for “good condition,” check out the photos and the inspection report that show every little scratch and I’ll mind read you one more time and say that you are thinking: “Those little scratches are nothing, Mate.”

My thoughts exactly.

So with a pretty little used mini truck in this condition, how old would you guess she is? Well, you know, of course, because I put the date at the top of the “Vehicle Overview” data, but, seriously, would you think, just by looking at the vehicle, that this is a 25 year old Kei Truck, a 1990 Sambar? At first glance I myself would certainly think that the truck is a good deal younger than that, based on exterior and interior examination and mileage.

A Winner Kei Truck from the Auctions

Did this lovely used Sambar come to us from a snooty dealer who deals only in “quality vehicles for quality people, no riff raff, please” and overcharges for everything on his lot? Not at all! This machine is straight from a Japanese used car auction (and straight to the USA after that).
Did this high capability 4WD work mate / hunt mate cost a bomb? Nope. The final winning bid price was very reasonable, indeed. (I can’t disclose the actual figure because that’s our customer’s proprietary information and if I leak it the sales manager will pull my ears off; but I do say it was a good score. Money well spent, for sure.)

And winning good Japanese used cars at auction, and from the dealers, too (in fact they are rarely “snooty” and we have some very good partnerships with them), is not a rare occurrence, it’s a key element of our business and a big pull leading more and more winners to choose to do a direct self import from Japan, rather than go down to the local used car dealer.

We can’t post, here on our site, every nice clean Kei vehicle that we sell, but let me show you some other “winnercars” for “winnermen” that it has been our pleasure to source and ship.

This Sambar Kei Truck here is a 1991, a dump body version, and is another real little treasure found at the auctions.

The super clean used Honda Acty Van that you’ll find here also came from the auction and he’s really spotless. He’s what we call an “aisha,” a loved car, in Japanese, a well-loved and well-treated vehicle.

This 4WD Suzuki Carry here is a 1995, has had a rather easy life, and had only done 28,340kms (17,600 miles) by the time he came to us.

And (one more, one more, because it’s one of my favourite Japanese Kei vehicles and I had one for years) this Subaru Sambar Diaz van here has rather more miles on him (128,331kms / 79,741 miles) than these vehicles that I’ve been showing you here just now, but he’s another example of the kind of “aisha” that comes up both at the dealers and the used car auctions and that, when it finds a new home with you, will stick with you for many happy, fun, and service-filled years.

I’ve praised the Sambar Kei Trucks on our Japan Car Direct blog here, and the Sambar vans (one of which I had for dog’s ages and really enjoyed) here, so I won’t say anything more about them at the moment; and if you’re already looking seriously at importing a clean used Sambar Kei Truck from Japan, then you already know how great they are and don’t need to hear it from me.

I’ll just leave you to again look at, and admire, the photos of our clean little gal here.

Contact us. We can introduce you to her twin sister.