Subaru Impreza 1999

Sold and Exported

The best part about this business of exporting used cars from Japan is the chance to help other car fans, petrol heads, gear heads, motor maniacs….whatever you want to call us….to get their hands on a good, reasonably priced, Japanese performance car.

Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, I think that your 1990s and 2000s Japanese turbo cars like the Lancer Evo from Mitsubishi, the Supra TT, Celica GT-Four, MR2 Turbo, and Soarer Turbo from Toyota, the Skyline GT-R and GT-S from Nissan, and especially the all-wheel drive Impreza WRX STi from Subaru give you by far the best bang for the buck.

Helping a fellow performance car fan in Halifax, Canada to import this 1999 Impreza WRX STi Sports Wagon was a delightful bit of work for me since this is exactly the car that I myself have at the moment. AND I LOVE IT TO BITS! Mine is a 1996 but it is basically the same car (my customer’s 1999 does have a bit more power than mine, though). So selling a car that I know is so super good just makes my day; and I know that our man in Halifax is going to turn heads with this, the quickest, best handling, most serious looking wagon ever made.

And he is going to do more than turn heads: he’s going to give some bystanders a few sore neck muscles as they turn to follow him while he accelerates 0-60 from a standing start in mid 4 seconds. (And he might give his passengers a crick in the neck, too, if they don’t put their heads back on the head rests before he does a power pull in this car. You put your head back or the car will do it for you. Enough said.)

And not only does the GF8 chassis Impreza have excellent acceleration, it will also corner at speed with a DC-2 (I’ve seen it done); so you have a car here that handles with the best of its time.

And not only do you get the power and the handling and the cool looks, but you get the WAGON. This is a very practical car, with good load carrying and passenger capacity but with basically compact exterior dimensions: 4,340 X 1,690 X 1,440 (LxWxH in mm).

I cannot praise the Subaru Impreza WRX STi (GF8 chassis) enough. And I strongly recommend purchasing a good one direct from Japan (especially if you are in the UK, Canada, or New Zealand) and importing it yourself. I can help you do it. It’s worth it.

Enjoy these pictures. You’ll see some sensible mods that the previous Japanese owner has done: Exhaust, coil overs, strut tower bar. Many used performance cars from Japan have been wisely modified and so you can often get an extra plus for yourself by buying one here.