Nissan Skyline GT-R 2002

Sold and Exported

The Nissan Skyline GT-R is one of those gold standard cars by which all other cars in its class are judged. My own introduction to the wonderful world of Japanese all-wheel-drive turbo-charged super cars was in an R32 that was owned by a tuner buddy of mine here who got the RB26DETT in his sleek grey pride and joy to put out 538.6ps. Yes, he measured it on the dyno. Yes, he framed the dyno printout and put it on his living room wall. And, yes, he made sure to tell nearly everyone he knew all about it. We (the rest of us guys who did not have such a fast car at the time, got a bit tired of hearing about it, but when he gave us rides in that car, we were more than pleased to let him tell us about the dyno test all over again, because, Hot Dang! That was a fast car. We thought it the ultimate. Tuned or stock, to us the Nissan Skyline was the ultimate fast car in the early ‘90s. We thought it could never be beat. And then Nissan beat it with the R33 and then topped that with the R34.

Just like this beautiful white powerhouse you see now that we recently found here in Japan for a customer who imported in direct to the UK.

This unit came out near the end of R34 production in 2002. It’s in beautiful shape, better, actually, that the auction inspector’s grade of 3.5. (He was a strict fellow.) This car is just clean, clean, clean, and only 41,500miles on the clock (66,800km). And in these simple yard photos from our shipper you see the good condition of this Skyline, and you see it’s muscular, yet not overly loud, lines and body.

With cars like the Nissan Skyline tuning potential is basically unlimited, and the all-wheel-drive means that you put that power to the road rather than spin your wheels, as is too often the case with two-wheel-drive super cars. But somehow I think that our customer in the UK is not going to do much tuning on this speed monster for a while yet because, well, with an R34 Skyline GT-R there is just no need for power tuning. Just take it out on the road, bone stock, put the pedal to the floor (if you’ve got the guts to do it), and then after you hit 60 miles per hour after something silly like four and a half seconds, you won’t be bothering with any tuning. There is just NO NEED, Brothers and Sisters. No need.