Nissan Skyline 1999

Sold and Exported

When Nissan came out with their C10 series Skyline in 1969, the famous Hakosuka (box shaped Skyline) the performance car world sat up and took notice and Nissan started a long line of fantastic performance cars.

When they brought out the All-Wheel-Drive, Turbo-Charged, Intercooled R32 and then R33 Skylines the world drew breath, and when they released the R34 Skyline with its nearly 40kg/m of torque, the world gasped. This car was beyond quick. 0-60mph blown away in mid four seconds; handling that could only be described as fantastic, and the strong braking needed to bring this Warp Speed capable starship to a confident halt in double quick time. All this with the immensely strong chassis required to deal with Premiere League performance.

The Nissan R34 Skyline is one of Japan’s, and the world’s, top performance cars. And compared to the top of the Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Porsche lines (and only their top grade cars are in the same league as the R34) it’s not ridiculously expensive. It’s not cheap, but, my gosh, for what you get when you buy a good R34 Skyline direct from Japan, it’s a super deal on a supercar.

This beautiful blue 1999 Godzilla that we recently scored at the Japanese used car auctions for one of our customers has under 93,000kms (58,000miles) on the clock and is graded very high at auction grade 4 with interior and exterior both graded B. With some sensible mods (see photo of paperwork above) this car is even better now than when it left the factory in Musashimurayama. A fine example of a very nice, very powerful machine.