Nissan Silvia 1991

Sold and Exported

Here is another of our favorite cars to export from Japan to sports and performance car fans overseas, and especially to the U.K.: The Nissan Silvia.

Be it the S13, like this mean looking black machine here, or the S14 or S15 (the famous “Ichigo”) we can always sell a used Nissan Silvia with confidence because these are sports cars that are well made, basically simple, easy to modify (especially for drifting), and tremendous fun.

And the prices for Silvias bought from the used car auctions here in Japan and from the dealers are often very good; I am even surprised sometimes to see such good Silvias going for such reasonable money, and certainly compared to what you would have to pay in the U.K. for a car in worse shape and with way higher mileage.

A Silvia bought direct from Japan is one of the few sports cars and drift cars that you can buy and have fun with even if, like me, you don’t have a lot of cash

Here’s the trick to getting a good, cheap Silvia for tuning or drift work: Go for an S13, go for something with just under 100,000 miles on the clock. This puts it at near 160,000 kilometers and so, because of the psychology of the number, Japanese drivers will shy away from spending much on a car with “high mileage.” If fact, in most cases, these cars will do double that before any major repairs. So the car will have low re-sale value in Japan but not really high miles, so at the dealers and used car auctions here the car will go for cheap. You can buy it and laugh.

Next, keep a look out for an S13 that has a few good mods of the type you are looking for, be it drift, on road handling, or power tuning. We can help you to understand the Japanese auction sheets and we can find out more about the car in Japanese from the dealers here for you to help you find and choose a car with some of the right mods already on it. More money saved and more good car coming to you.

And so that’s why we can sell the Nissan Silvia with such confidence: Good motoring fun at a good price. Our Silvia customers are always happy with these cars and we are always happy to sell them.