Mercedes Benz SL-500 1996

Sold and Exported

There are two ways to approach the open top roadster concept: 1) The Cute Girl: A simple little thing like the classic old MGB, or the modern and delightful Mazda MX-5 / Miata, or: 2) The Sex Bomb: Like the old Jaguar XJS, or the more modern and stunning Mercedes Benz SL-Class.

Like this gorgeous and powerful, luxurious and spectacular 1996 SL-500 that our customer is importing from Japan.

Yes, the Mercedes Benz SL-class is the sex bomb of roadsters.

But you ask: Import an SL-500 from Japan? Buy a second hand Mercedes Benz from Japan? At the Japanese used car auctions? What? The SL-Class is from Germany. I should buy one from Germany! Obviously.

But we say: Think again, Sir. Think again. Buy from a Japan-based used car exporter like us and you’ll see that the prices for used German luxury cars, like the Mercedes Benz SL-Class, are very reasonable in Japan, and the condition of the vehicles is very fine, indeed.

And you don’t have to worry that the car has ever been vandalized by “groups of unidentified rioting youths.” We don’t have that here in Japan. A supremely beautiful machine, a sign of achievement, like an SL-500 is admired and respected here and well, well cared for. Sure, an SL-Class roadster is a sex bomb car, but to her Japanese owner, she is his baby, and he treats her right. So buying a used SL-Class Mercedes Benz from Japan is a very nice move, indeed.