Mercedes Benz AMG CLS 63 2011

Sold and Exported

Beauty and Muscle. This is what one expects with the top Mercedes Benz cars, both in the sedans and the coupes. And it is especially in the powerful, capable, luxurious and reliable sedan class where Benz has made their reputation and received lasting world renown.

But, typical of the finest in German motor engineering, Benz does not rest content with this. They push on to even better; and this is the AMG: Even more performance, even better handling, an even more aggressive look. And, yes, an even higher price. But this is where buying a used AMG from Japan makes such good sense because the car will have been well cared for, will not have done many miles, will have been living in the relatively mild climate of Japan, and will never have been on the punishingly fast Autobahns which you just won’t find in Japan. When you import a used AMG like this beauty here from Japan you are making a wise choice, especially if you buy from the Japanese used car auctions as our customer for this stunning CLS63 AMG did.

With only 72,000kms (45,000miles) on the odometer and given a top auction grade, the final price for this 4 year old car was very good. Take the time to enjoy the photos here that were taken by our shippers at the port before the car was loaded and sent on its way to a very happy customer in Taiwan. I can just stare at beautiful car like this all day longs; but note also the very fine condition inside and out. Many, really most, actually pretty nearly all of the top end German luxury cars like Benz, AMG, BWM, Alpina, Audi, Porsche and other European luxury cars that we export from Japan, in both left-hand drive (LHD) and right hand drive (RHD) versions, I might add, are in such good condition that you would comfortably describe them as “nearly new.”