Mazda RX7 1997

Sold and Exported

Along with the Toyota Supras, the Nissan Silvias, the Skylines, and other Japanese sports cars and supercars that we export from Japan, we have also had customers coming to us wanting to import the Mazda RX7, FD3S chassis, to the UK and Canada; like this super hot 1997 RX7 here.

This car has had various serious performance modifications such as chassis strengthening, aero parts like special front spoiler, side skirts, and a cracking great Voltex rear wing, performance air cleaners and performance exhaust, special carbon bonnet, and more.

In fact, this RX7 is a good example of the types of mods you can get on a performance car bought directly from Japan as a used vehicle. Since Japan is the home of these cars, it is also the home of the tuning of these cars, so enthusiasts have full access to all the best parts and tuning expertise when they want to really “do it.” And I’ve got to say, when a Japanese tuner fan of an RX7, or Supra, or Silvia, Skyline R34, etc and you name it of Japanese performance iron wants to go big on power and handling and aero modification and improvement, he really goes to town. Truly, the motto of these Japanese tuners is “Go big or stay home.”

I’ve seen fantastic tuned cars here and I think that you are getting a good deal on buying one of these cars direct from Japan because so many well done improvements come with it.

We are sourcing good examples of tuned and modded Japanese performance cars from the used car auctions here as well as from specialist dealers and private sellers. It can be a very economical option if extreme power, performance, handling, and sheer flash are what you want in a car.