Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione

Sold and Exported

Even supercar owners love driving the Lancia Delta Integrale because it grips the road like glue and handles challenging road conditions with ease. You can confidently push it harder than you ever thought possible and always come out smiling.

Released in 1987 to meet the homologation requirements of Group A rally racing, the Lancia Delta Integrale outperformed everything in its price range. It also became the most successful model in rally car history by winning six consecutive WRC titles (1987-92), four drivers’ championships (1987-89, 1991) and 46 victories overall.

The secret to its success was a winning combination of legendary handling and high power-to-weight ratio. By virtually eliminating wheelspin, its three-differential 4WD system with 47:53 front-to-rear torque distribution and maximum 70% rear lockup delivers unbelievable traction, especially around curves. Where you point, the Delta Integrale goes!

The fuel-injected, 2.0-liter, 16-valve inline-four engine in the Evoluzione II generates 212 bhp at 5750 rpm to propel you from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds. This outstanding performance is supported by a water-cooled Garrett turbocharger, Marelli integrated engine control, 5-speed manual transmission, 4-wheel MacPherson strut suspension with extra travel, ventilated disc brakes and Bosch ABS.

The same boxy body designed for the original 1979 Lancia Delta by Giorgetto Giugiaro of Lotus Esprit fame is featured on the Delta Integrale Evoluzione II. Its few modifications include turbo vents on the hood, wider wheel arches for the wider track and an adjustable spoiler on the tailgate.

Inside the cabin you’ll enjoy highly supportive Alcantara-trimmed Recaro seats, excellent all-round visibility, sporty meters with yellow lettering, quick-ratio steering, air conditioning, generous rear storage space and a surprisingly ride quiet.

Since finding a Delta Integrale in excellent shape can be a challenge even in Europe, many enthusiasts including Harry Metcalfe of Harry’s Garage fame have been importing their Delta Integrales from Japan. The gorgeous Delta Integrale Evoluzione II Gialla Ginestra in the photographs, for example, was recently acquired by JCD from an auction in Japan at a very reasonable price. Only 220 were ever produced in the world.

At JCD, we can help you locate Lancias and other European brands in Japan, negotiate the purchase from a dealer, auction or private seller, arrange for a professional inspection and have the vehicle shipped to your nearest port whether in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, USA or anywhere in the world. We do our best to make every step a pleasurable experience.