BMW M5 2012

Sold and Exported

There are used cars and there are used used cars. And then there are used cars that aren’t very used at all.

Like this lovely and very clean BMW M5 that we just scored at a used car auction here in Japan. The car is nearly new: three years old and under 24,000 miles (that’s a bit over 38,000km), and was graded very high by the auction house (and rightly so). And while the price is proprietary information for the customer who successfully bid on this car, I will say that the price was very good indeed. If I told you the price, you’d say: “Really? That’s it? And for a BWM M5 in that condition and from that year and with those low kms on it? Yeah, good deal!”

And it is.

For a piece of masterful German motor engineering like this car, with its excellent weight distribution of 1,050kgs over the front axle and 950kgs over the rear axle (that’s got to be near perfect weight distribution for a sports sedan with a big 4.4 liter engine), and over 550hp from its turbo V8 (550hp! You’ve got to be kidding, children!), it will polish off 0-100km in, say, four and a half seconds…..or less. And it has the handling and braking to deal with all that power (not like the big old American muscle cars that I grew up with; but they were good old goats, too, in their way).

In the world of sports sedans, when you’ve got yourself one of these M5s: “You have arrived, Sir. You have arrived.”

And it’s amazing that you can buy a good one in Japan (through a used car exporter like us) and import it to your port of choice for respectably less than it will cost you to get one any other way.

That is one of the best things about this business: We can share all these good deals in fantastic sports cars, luxury cars, super cars, and German super sedans, like this BMW M5, with other car lovers around the world and, by buying a good second hand unit, we don’t all have to be super rich to have a super car. A wise purchase of a good condition used unit like this one here is the way to go.