Audi TTS 2010

Sold and Exported

Japan is a great place to import a fine German sports or luxury car from because Japanese owners of German sporting machinery, like this Audi TTS, treasure their cars and keep them in very good shape.

And any Audi TT series car is a car to treasure. With the FF layout, the TT is one of the best handling FF sports coupes ever, and with Audi’s signature Audi-Quattro all wheel drive (AWD) system, the TTS becomes even more potent, with acceleration of 0-60 in under five and a half seconds, and with power-on corner exit that can’t be beat even by a mid-engined, two-wheel-drive car. This is the TTS: Power, handling, AWD, curvy, yet aggressive styling, and that great Audi build quality. (And, yes, that… “cleaness” which is so “Audi.”)

This 2010 TTS was bought by us at auction here in Japan and, as you’ll see in the photos, is a clean, well-loved machine. He’s going now from a happy first owner to a happy second owner. Buying a good second hand Audi TT, or TTS, from the Japanese car auctions is a very practical way to get one of these treasures.