2001 Toyota Crown Athlete V. The choice of VIPs.

Sold and Exported

The powerful and luxurious Toyota Crown Athlete V is a genuine pleasure to drive whether you are a Japanese executive or western enthusiast. In Japan, it also conveys a certain prestige.

Toyota Crowns have been available in Japan since 1955 and were always a popular fleet vehicle for government officials, corporate executives and limo drivers. But Toyota wanted to attract more private users. So it introduced a sportier, more powerful and less conservative model called the Crown Athlete V in 1999 — Japan’s answer to the Mercedes-Benz W140. Drivers loved it and the Athlete V eventually became one of the most popular models in the Crown series.

The 2.5-liter inline 6 DOHC turbo engine (1JZ-GTE) in the 2001 Toyota Crown Athlete V delivers more torque at low engine speeds than other contemporary Crown engines because smaller exhaust ports accelerate the flow of escaping gasses and turn the single, more efficient turbocharger faster at low rpm. The 24-valve engine is also equipped with continuously variable valve timing (VVT-i) that squeezes out more efficiency.

The result is an impressive 280 PS (210 kW) at 6200 rpm and 379 Nm (280 lbf·ft) at 2400 rpm that deliver powerful acceleration throughout the entire rpm range and a top speed of 180 kph (112 mph).

Toyota also stiffened the suspension beyond that of other Crown models to please performance-oriented drivers without compromising comfort. The sporty handling may not compete with high-end German sports sedans, but it’s solid and predictable even during spirited driving.

This 2001 Toyota Crown Athlete V in the hands of Japan Car Direct is in immaculate condition. Its beautiful black finish and sharp chrome trim combine with a dark gray interior, luxurious amenities and powerful response to crown any driver king of the road.

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