2000 Lancer Evo 6 Tommi Makinen Edition

Sold and Exported

Mitsubishi released its first factory works edition for the legendary Lancer Evolution series in January 2000: the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Tommi Makinen Edition. The Tommi Makinen Edition, also known in some circles as the, “T.M.E” or “Evo 6.5”, was created by Mitsubishi to commemorate the record 4 consecutive WRC championships won by Mitsubishi driver Tommi Makinen. The “TomiMaki”, as the car is known in Japan, is most popular with Rally enthusiasts in the UK and Europe where many are exported to. Many more are still available to be had at Japanese auto auctions.

On the outside, the Tommi Makinen Edition had an optional special paint package, Passion Red with grey, black and white stripes, that was inspired by the Tommi Makinen WRC works car and wore the same design Enkei 17” wheels. On the inside, the car came equipped with Recaro bucket seats with the Tommi Makinen logo stitched into the back rest.

Inside the engine bay, the Tommi Makinen Edition had a titanium alloy turbocharger with a modified compressor wheel which helped create maximum torque at only 2750 RPM; maximum horsepower remained unchanged. The ride height was also dropped 10 mm to optimize the front and rear roll centers. Additionally, a front strut tower bar was added and on road steering response was improved by changing the gearing on the steering box.
In 2001, Tommi Makinen started of the season by winning 3 of the first 10 races of the WRC season using a highly modified Tommi Makinen Edition. However, he switched to a different WR car for the last 4 races and only managed to rank 3rd at the end of the season, thus putting an end to his record consecutive winning streak.

This particular TomiMaki is on its way to a customer in the UK. This is one of many Tommi Makinen editions that Japan Car Direct has sourced and export. The original paint, low miles and clean interior are a must and this one has all three.

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