1998 Toyota Camroad motorhome

Sold and Exported

Explore the great outdoors in the quintessential JDM camper of its generation

1998 Toyota Camroads are finally legal in the US

Just in time for the summer camping season, 1998 Toyota Camroad motorhomes are 25 years old and legally importable to the United States. You can finally make your traveling dreams come true!

Contact Japan Car Direct to learn how easy it is to import one from Japan.

Why import a used motorhome from Japan?

Japanese campers and motorhomes offer an unbeatable combination of quality, space-efficiency, reliability and easy handling. They’re typically in excellent condition because Japanese owners take great care of their vehicles and travel relatively short distances at relatively low speeds. And they’re highly affordable when purchased through Japanese used car auctions and shipped to your nearest port.

1998 Toyota Camroad motorhome import from Japan

Why Toyota Camroad?

Toyota Camroads offer world-renowned Toyota reliability, durability and fuel efficiency. They practically run forever and are particularly well-built for bad weather and rough terrain. In Japan, they’re so popular that Toyota continues to manufacture them to this day.

Here’s a family camping in a Camroad Zil motorhome and another after customization at an expo in Osaka, Japan.

Compact outside yet spacious inside

The Toyota Camroad is highly space efficient. Only about 5 meters long and 2 meters wide, it easily maneuvers through narrow city streets and fits in tight parking spaces. Yet the interior is surprisingly spacious with enough room to comfortably seat 9 people. When bedtime arrives, simply lower the table and rearrange the sofa cushions to comfortably sleep four adults. Then expand the area above the cab to sleep three more. In the morning, you can spread out the awning on the left side to provide shaded outdoor seating for early risers.

1998 Toyota Camroad motorhome sleeps four toilet kitchen low mileage

All the comforts of home on the road

Whip up meals in the full kitchen with its built-in sink, two gas stoves and refrigerator. Comfortably dine at the table while screens on all windows keep the bugs outside. When nature calls, step into the water-proof bathroom with toilet, roof vent, window and basin. The bathroom provides a warm-water shower to keep you fresh and clean wherever you go – you can shower in the bathroom or extend the hose outdoors when you get really dirty.

1998 Toyota Camroad motorhome import from japan

Lots of thoughtfully designed features

The sofas are comfortable and large enough for big passengers. Lightweight, handsomely finished cupboards and cabinets keep your clothes, sports gear and other personal possessions organized. Window blinds roll down with ease when you want privacy or shade. If the weather gets warm, open the roof vent or activate the air conditioner to stay cool. We recommend the dual air conditioning option with front and rear units.

1998 Toyota Camroad motorhome diesel standard transmission

The Camroad is easy to drive

Anyone with a regular car license can easily drive the Toyota Camroad. It maneuvers like a smaller vehicle and makes parking a breeze with its power steering, power brakes and tight turning radius. Large windows, large door mirrors and a large rear view monitor provide a clear view of your surroundings for confident driving. Pack up your gear and hit the road!

1998 Toyota Camroad motorhome good condition low mileage

Powerful, fuel-efficient diesel engine

The highly reliable 3.0-liter 1KZ diesel Toyota engine produces more than ample power for highways and hill climbing. It fits snugly below the front seats thanks to a space-saving 4-cylinder design and transmits power to the wheels via four-speed automatic transmission. Fuel efficiency is reportedly around 25 miles per gallon, which is pretty impressive for a motorhome. So you can travel further and cheaper without worrying about refueling.

When the going gets tough, select 4WD

Going off-road to explore nature or set up camp? Switch to 4WD. You’ll be thankful for the extra traction when you come across sand, mud and holes in the terrain. Better safe than sorry!

Japanese almost always camp in well-tended campgrounds right off a paved road, so you can be pretty confident any Camroad imported from Japan hasn’t been manhandled in rough terrain. If you run into trouble in your home country, a spare wheel in back can easily be removed and mounted.

Make some great memories

Motorhoming adventures are great fun for kids and the whole family. Create memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime by visiting faraway sightseeing spots. Or live comfortably off the grid for extended periods.

Contact Japan Car Direct today. We can help you find an affordable 1998 Toyota Camroad in great condition and arrange to have it shipped to your nearest port without delay.