1998 Alpina B10 V8 (BMW 540i base vehicle)

Sold and Exported

Gorgeous Lines! Balanced Musculature! Uber Babe!

What’s this beautiful creature I’m looking at here? She’s a very good condition used Alpina B10 V8 imported from Japan to Canada. She’s a super clean, low mileage BMW Alpina with left hand drive (LHD). She’s Alpina’s take on the BMW 540i: Take a car that’s already excellent, power it up, muscle it up, and you get perfection. She’s a perfect example of the fine second hand German classic cars, super cars, and executive cars, including Mercedes Benz, AMG, and Porsche, as well as Alpina and BMW that we find regularly here in Japan in the used car market (click on the country name to get more info on our website about these wonderful machines). The used car market here in Japan comprises the Japanese used car auctions, the used car dealers, and private sales. At Japan Car Direct we get good units from all of these sources, and this Alpina B10 V8 was definitely a “score” for one of our “Winnermen.” (Who are the JCD winnermen? Check it out on our JCD Blog here.)

Just look at this true uber babe:

Alpina B10 V8 imported from Japan BMW’s 5-Series sedans are a very successful family of vehicles

The 540i Gets Powered Up By Alpina

BMW’s 5-Series sedans (and touring wagons) are a very successful family of vehicles. I especially like the third generation cars, the E34 chassis models that ran from 1988 to 1996,

Alpina B10 V8 imported from Japan BMW’s 5-Series sedans are a very successful family of vehicles

and the fourth generation machines, the E39s that were in production from 1995 to 2003.

Clean used classic BMW from Japan. Low mileage used German LHD cars from Japan via JCD

I like the clean lines that aren’t over the top, and, even though the cars, depending on specification, are often very powerful machines, the strength comes with a certain, how can I say?….modesty. The gun metal grey E34 535i above, for example, is a serious piece of motoring kit, but he doesn’t have to trumpet it around the neighbourhood, if you see what I mean.

Now, our 1998 Alpina B10 V8 here, that we exported to Canada, has definitely been powered up and tuned up, over and above the more “humble” 5-Series cars, by the good fellows at Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen in Bavaria; but she doesn’t come over as muscle-bound. If we do a simple spec comparison with the BMW 5-Series unit that the B10 is based on, the 540i, we see that external dimensions are nearly the same, with the Alpina being just 20mm lower. It’s also 30kg lighter, at 1,690kg. Of course, the Alpina’s wheels (fronts are 235/40ZR18, rears are 265/35ZR18, versus the 225/55R16s that you find on both front and rear with the 540i)

Clean used classic BMW Alpina from Japan. All original. Wheels and rubber good ready for i

give a keen observer a heads up about what’s under the hood.

Alpina B10 V8 Engine Specs

And this is what’s under the B10’s hood:

Clean used classic Alpina B10 V8 engine low miles and good condition. Import from Japan vi

It’s now a 4,619cc V8 versus the 4,398cc V8 unit in the 540. In addition to raising the engine’s swept volume and performing some other tuning tricks (hot cams, lighter pistons, strengthened crank, and some fancy “chip tuning”), Alpina has bumped the compression ratio up from 10:1 to 10.5:1. Result: a very nice jump up in power. The max power of 286ps at 5,700rpm in the 540i is now 347ps in the B10 (still coming in at 5,700rpm). Max torque with the 540i is a very nice 42,8kg/m at 3,900rpm, but, in the Alpina, it’s an even better 48.9kg/m at an even lower 3,800rpm. These are nice figures in a car weighing just under 1,700. No wonder it’s a sub 6 second car.

Excellence of line, excellence of engineering, excellence of interior layout and build….the car is just so excellent that, yeah, for all practical purposes it approaches perfection. These cars are becoming classics now, and when you think about buying a well treated, indeed treasured, second hand Alpina B10 direct from Japan for a very reasonable price, you can see why these top-end German machines are one of our main export areas here at Japan Car Direct. (We’ve written more about this whole “German Cars from Japan” thing elsewhere on our JCD website. Just click here.)

JCD Makes the Import Process Happen

 By buying a good, clean used German car from Japan and importing it yourself, you can get yourself behind the wheel of the best of German motor engineering without breaking the bank.

Makes sense to me, but some guys say: “Import a used car from Japan? From halfway around the world? That’s gonna be a hassle.” Actually, it’s not. We’ve even had customers tell us that it was easier than buying from a local used car dealer down on Main Street. At Japan Car Direct, making that process smooth, and even enjoyable, is part of our job. You’ll find a simple outline of the whole process here.

And what are our main used car from Japan import destinations? Does every Alpina go to my home country of Canada? Not at all. In fact, it may surprise you to find that many of the good used classic German cars that Japan Car Direct exports from Japan are actually imported into Germany! Yep, these cars are so treasured here and kept in such good shape that our German customers, who are certainly connoisseurs of their own iron, often jump at the chance when they see what is available in the second hand German car market in Japan. You’ll find the used car import rules for Germany here.

Our other main markets for these great German used cars are the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Just click on the country name to learn the import rules.

And it’s not just the top end wunderbares Auto, the wonderful car, the “Wundercar” (if you don’t mind me making up a word), supercars and classics like Alpina, AMG, and Porsche, from Germany, the land where the motor car was invented, that can be found loved and in good used condition in Japan, it’s also the more modest, and equally wunderful cars, like the delightful, cute, and now classic (and not sooooo cheap) BMW 2002 that I just loved when I was growing up in Canada

I want to import a classic BWM from Japan. Self import to USA. JCD will arrange all export

and the aggressive, but compact, 320i that I hankered after,

Alpina B10 V8 imported from Japan BMW’s 5-Series sedans are a very successful family of vehicles

that are best looked for now in the Japanese used car market. So if you’re thinking that you want to buy a good used German car from Japan, whether from the used car auctions, the specialist used car dealers, or from a private seller, at Japan Car Direct we’ll help you get the machine you want. The perfect car, the true uber car for you.

Just register with us here and, together, we’ll get process on the road to get your car over to you so that you, and your car are on your road.