1995 Suzuki Alto Works (RS/Z)

Sold and Exported

Japan’s boxy mini hot hatch hit — the 1995 Suzuki Alto Works

Throughout the 1990s, one of the most popular mini hot hatches in the Japanese domestic market was the turbocharged Suzuki Alto Works. Small and boxy, it doesn’t look all that sporty until you notice the hood scoop, rear spoilers and Works badge just in front of the rear wheels. These accurately convey the thrills you can expect to enjoy when driving this fun little hot hatch.

Handling and response are quick and sporty, and even big men fit comfortably in the supportive driver’s seat, which provides plenty of headroom and a good driving position. This particular 1995 vehicle isn’t equipped with AWD, but it handles the road well and maintains solid grip. If you plan to drive aggressively around corners at high speeds, we can source the same model with the AWD option.

Suzuki’s turbocharged inline three-cylinder 660cc powerplant looks as small as a motorcycle engine, but produces more than the officially advertised 64 PS. This is easily enough power for the Alto Works, which only weighs about 670 kilograms. The engine also delivers loads of torque throughout the rpm range via intercooled turbocharger, so you don’t have to keep the engine running at high rpm to enjoy quick response.

The 1995 Suzuki Alto Works is a great choice for a city car. Its small size and short turning radius (4.6 meters) greatly simplify parking and enhance maneuverability in heavy traffic, yet its space-efficient cabin comfortably seats four adults. Suzuki made the Alto Works extremely fuel efficient as well.

We’ve always been impressed with the quality of the Suzuki Alto Works. Its highly reliable engine stays cool even when pushed, and the undersides are typically in excellent condition with nearly no rust. In recent months foreign enthusiasts seem to have rediscovered this JDM gem, and we’ve been exporting them from Japan at highly reasonable prices. This well-cared-for vehicle with fabric seats, power steering and power windows is a good example of what you can expect from any Suzuki Alto Works we source from used car auctions and dealers in Japan.

Used turbocharged JDM kei cars from the 1990s are a specialty at Japan Car Direct and there are lots of appealing models we can help you choose from. For more information, contact our helpful team.