1994 Nissan Homy

Sold and Exported

Home is a sanctuary where you feel comfortable and in control, and that’s just how you feel when driving the 1994 Nissan Homy. Spacious, reliable and well designed, it offers everything you could ask for in a mid-sized van for commercial or family use.

The 1994 Nissan Homy is a Japanese domestic model from the fourth and last generation of Nissan Homys, which were produced from 1986 to 1999. You may have seen Nissan Homys in your home country sold as Nissan King Vans, Nissan Urvans or Nissan Caravans. For details on how you can import an auctioned JDM Homy at a highly reasonable price from Japan, contact Japan Car Direct.

Reliable and space efficient

Like most Nissans, the 1994 Homy is powered by a highly reliable and fuel-efficient engine you can count on to last and last. The 2.7-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine with intercooler (TD27Ti) delivers plenty of torque (24.7 kg⋅m at 2400 rpm) for strong, practical performance as well as ample horsepower (125.09 PS at 4000 rpm).

The engine is mounted between the front wheels and beneath the front seats, as in many Japanese vans, to maximize interior space while minimizing exterior dimensions. This cab over design also contributes to solid handling and raises the driver up high for a clear, unobstructed view of the road. Visibility is further enhanced by a big windshield and various front and rear mirrors, so you can drive the 1994 Nissan Homy with confidence when changing lanes, backing up and parking.

Various grades and configurations are available

The Nissan Homy is available in various grades and configurations that make it perfect for family use, cargo delivery, limo services and more. You can also easily convert almost any old Homy to quite a comfortable camper.

This particular white 1994 JDM Nissan Homy with only 35,000 kilometers on the meter was configured to transport people in wheelchairs. We found it for an affordable price at a Japanese used car auction and shipped it to a satisfied customer in the United States. A lift simplifies wheelchair entry, a high roof provides extra headroom for helpers, and all middle and rear seats were removed except one to maximize space for wheelchairs.

Power is smoothly transmitted via 5-speed manual transmission with floor-mounted stick shift. Traction is enhanced on rough and slippery surfaces by a 4-wheel drive system, and the suspension handles potholes and bumps well for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Interior conveniences include power steering, power windows and powerful air conditioning. When rear passengers want privacy or protection from the sun, they can manually close curtains hanging from metal tracks above the windows.

Move your family or paying passengers in comfort

When configured to move people rather than cargo, the 1994 JDM Nissan Homy comfortably accommodates up to seven adults. Bolstered front seats support the driver and front passenger, while two rows of split bench seats carry up to five passengers with generous headroom, legroom and elbow room. There is also quite a large cargo area in back.

Both sides of the middle row can be swiveled to face forward, sideways or backwards to meet changing needs. The middle row and rear seats also slide and recline, leaving plenty of rear storage space even when the rear seats are slid all the way back. For extra storage space, you can fold up any of the middle-row and rear seats to the side and strap them to the ceiling so they stay solidly out of the way.

Import a Nissan Homy from Japan

At Japan Car Direct, we heartily recommend importing a Nissan Homy from Japan. For so many reasons — including low cost of ownership and the same level of quality and comfort as a Toyota Hiace at a lower price — they’re an outstanding choice for business and pleasure.

If you’re looking for something smaller and even more affordable, consider a used Kei van or kei truck from Japan. We look forward to hearing from you.