1992 Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon

Sold and Exported

The third-generation Mitsubishi Delica is combination passenger van and SUV. Learning from their success with the Pajero, Mitsubishi introduced the rugged and versatile Star Wagon. True off-roading fans know that diesel is the way to go and Mitsubishi delivered with a powerful 2.5 Liter inline 4 SOHC 8 Valve Turbo diesel engine which puts out 85 horsepower at 4,200RPM. The engine is mounted below the front seats for higher ground clearance and maximized interior space. Its position gives the driver a sense of power and balance as if he was riding a horse through the wilderness. The Japanese dealer auctions have a large selection of off-road JDM muscle for you to choose from.

With a 4wd drive train and optional rear differential lock the Star Wagon provides great traction to its stock off-road 215 Sr15 tires. Its 4-speed automatic Hi/Lo transmission also sports an ultra-low gear which is excellent for climbing. The double wishbone suspension can easily be lifted and ground clearance at the lowest point of the rear differential is just over 8 inches. This Delica has a short wheel base of just under 7 feet, giving it a very short turning radius which allows for more maneuverability on challenging off-road trails. In general, the Japanese rarely drive off road and many Delica have lived an easy life. Our inspectors at the Japanese auction houses will confirm your Delica is in great condition before a bid is ever entered on your behalf.

The Star Wagon’s unique bull bars and massive fog lamps aren’t the only features that set this JDM stallion apart from the competition. The P35W model high roof adds almost 5 feet of interior clearance and the Crystal-Lite roof boasts four skylights in addition to the sun roof. The dashboard, complete with altimeter, and center console have heaps of storage and leg room is maximized with the engine under the front seats. The Star wagon comes with front and rear heat and AC for a very comfortable ride. The plush seats swivel and fold down to make a bed. A curtain option was also available for privacy and shelter from the morning sun. A luggage rack is best to have and luckily the Star Wagon had a rear ladder option for easy access.

The Delica Star Wagon was the beginning of Mitsubishi’s rule over the JDM off-road market. The Delica line continues strong to this day and is every much as loved now as it was in the past. It is now available for import to the US and has been available for import to Canada and Europe for some time. Your friends at Japan Car Direct will find you a vehicle in great condition and take care of the whole process to your port and beyond. Make your dreams of a JDM overland vacation or lifestyle a dream today!!