1991 Nissan 300ZX (Fairlady Z32) Twin Turbo

Sold and Exported

The Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo continues to be a dream machine for many sports car fanatics. Beautifully styled and powerful with excellent handling, it outperformed most sports cars in its day (1989-2000), was praised by leading car magazines as one of the best cars ever made, and pushed the limits of technology with its computer-aided design, dual-mode suspension and optional four-wheel steering.

Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo prices have been rising in recent years, but you can still find amazing deals at used car auctions and secondhand car dealers in the Japanese domestic market, where the Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo is known as the Fairlady Z32 and importing one to your home country is easy.

The Z32 is powered by a twin turbocharged 3-liter V6 engine with dual overhead camshafts, 24 valves, variable valve timing, direct ignition and dual intercoolers. It generates power smoothly until 3,000 rpm, when the turbos kick in noisily and press you hard against the seat while the revs rapidly rise. The whopping 300 horsepower (224 kW; 304 PS) and 283 pound-feet (384 N·m) of torque take you from 0-60 in as little as 5.0 seconds if you are fast enough with the crisply shifting five-speed manual transmission or a little longer with the optional four-speed automatic. Either way, the governed top speed is 155 mph (249 km/h).

The engine can easily be modified to reach over 500 horsepower without overstressing the drivetrain, which partially explains why the Nissan 300ZX (Fairlady Z32) Twin Turbo was so successful in motorsports.

The handling is also responsive and easy to control even at high speeds, thanks to precise steering and a sophisticated four-wheel independent suspension. With the flick of a switch, the suspension switches from the compliant Touring setting to a stiffer Sport setting that reduces roll around corners at high speeds.

Everything about the interior it top notch, from the styling to the quality fit and finish. The cockpit is flawless with its smooth flowing dashboard, easy-to-reach pod-mounted controls and excellent driving position. The front bucket seats are comfortable and supportive, and the roof panels can be removed on T-top models for convertible-like open-air driving pleasure. For safety, there are standard front airbags and pillar-mounted seat belts.

This beautiful gray 2000 Nissan 300ZX (Fairlady Z32) Twin Turbo purchased by Japan Car Direct is in outstanding condition from the smooth finish on its low and wide body (.31 drag coefficient) to the handsome gray interior, well-maintained twin-turbo engine and five-speed manual transmission. Features include sporty HID headlamps, a T-top with removable roof panels, a power adjustable driver’s seat, seating for 4 adults, power steering and windows and an excellent audio system. It’s a great example of the Japanese used cars you can affordably import from Japan with a little help from Japan Car Direct.