1987 Toyota Mark II Grande GX71

Sold and Exported

This 1987 Mark II Grande GX71 is a range-topping, performance-oriented version of the Mark II mid-sized sedan originally sold only in Japan. A variation was marketed as the twin-turbo Chaser in other markets around the world. It’s a great example of the Japanese used cars you can affordably import from Japan via the auto auctions with a little help from Japan Car Direct.

Powered by a 2.0-liter inline six 1G-GTEU engine with air-to-air intercooler, two CT12 ceramic turbochargers, double overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder and electronic fuel injection — as well as a manual 5-speed W58 transmission — it develops 207 bhp (210 PS/154 kW) at 6200 rpm and 275 N·m (203 lb·ft/28 kgm) of torque at 3800 rpm. This predecessor to the 1JZ has more than ample power for enjoyable everyday driving, and the fuel economy is decent even by today’s standards.

Drifters love old Mark IIs (christened Cressidas and Chasers outside of Japan) because of their front-engine, rear-drive configuration and a drivetrain that can be modified with ease as in old Supras. Enthusiasts seeking more serious performance may prefer a used JDM sports car, European sports car, or German used luxury car in right or left hand drive from an auction or dealer in the Japanese used car market. Americans are welcome too, as these Mark IIs are old enough to import stateside.

Car fanatics are split on whether the boxy styling of the 1987 Mark II Grande GX71 is bland or bursting with personality. But everybody agrees that the build quality is excellent inside and out. This is a reliable, well-engineered car that was made to last.

The quiet, comfortable interior is roomy enough to accommodate five adults with plenty of legroom and elbowroom. Its front bucket seats are supportive, with standard seven-way adjustment on the driver’s seat and recline adjustment on the front passenger’s seat. Standard amenities include power windows and locks, a tiltable steering wheel, cruise control, automatic temperature control and an FM stereo system. Options include leather seats, a power sunroof and digital gauges.

Handling is quite good, with solid high-speed stability and controlled cornering despite the smooth, comfortable ride that is delivered without any rattles, shakes or squeaks. This widely praised balance is achieved courtesy of good body stiffness, an independent rear suspension and variable-ratio rack and pinion steering. Large rear disc brakes contribute to highly controlled deceleration.

This 1987 Toyota Mark II Grande GX71 with handsome two-tone gold finish is in excellent condition. It has 150,000km on the odometer, but Mark II engines are known to easily reach 300,000km. Being a top-of-the-range model, it features a wide range of amenities including powerful audio and air conditioning systems, power windows, power door locks and power mirrors. The owner also nicely reupholstered the seats and added big optional digital meters, silver and bronze wheels and recently purchased tires.

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