Hi Yoshiro,

Wheels arrived all OK. Packed very well thank you. They are a very good purchase. Your company’s service has been excellent and I hope to deal with you again. Regards,

Dale Rodgers (Australia)

Hi Yoshi,

I received the car last week and it’s all set and registered here in Guam. Thank you again for all the help and this truck is fantastic! I’ve already received a lot of inquiries and I’m pointing them all in your direction, so hopefully this isn’t the last time you ship something to Guam. Thanks again!

Alexander Luna

Hey guys!

Michael and I picked up our cars at port three weeks ago now. We picked up the Jimny on Monday without issue and used it as primary transportation around Baltimore while I waited for the release of the Autozam. The Jimny went through registration without issue on Friday and the Autozam soon followed. We’ve put a bit over 700 miles on the Jimny so far and Michael is really happy with it as his work vehicle. He has even already broken a few things, just like a proper work vehicle! I finally got all of our cars together for a proper picture this past weekend. We’re both incredibly happy with our imports and I am still amazed by how simple the process was. I’d feel completely confident going through the process again, although I have run out of cars that I want! Thanks for helping us with our cars!


Mathew and Japan Car Direct (JCD) have delivered better than promised. From my first inquiry to final delivery of my first purchase, JCD was there to support me the whole time. The final cost of my first purchase was spot on with the estimate provided by Mathew the first time I contacted him. There were no hidden fees nor surprises. The support provided was better than I could have envisioned. Do not hesitate to contact Mathew / JCD for your next car purchase.

Steven A.

I have been working with JCD for several months now and they have helped me source and ship two containers full of kei trucks to Canada.

My interest in trucks brought be to Japan on my trip a series of unfortunate events left me stranded in Narita Airport. My phone was broken, lost my wallet with most of my money earlier that day in transit. After a long day of mishaps making my way to Chiba from Kyoto I finally arrived at Narita. To my surprise immigration recognized I unintentionally overstayed my visa by 1 day. Without enough money to pay the fine. I wasn’t allowed to board the plane. It was a Friday night so the Canadian embassy was closed for the weekend. I was left stranded at the airport with no phone or money, no one to contact. Then it hit me, Japan Car Direct is in Chiba. I was able to get access to the internet and get a hold of them through their websites chat box. They came to the airport lent me some money, and gave me a place to stay for the night. Thank you Scott, Noriko, and Matt for the support. You guys really saved my ass.


Just wanna say thanks for being awesome people! Couldn’t ask for a better group of people to do business with. It’s only been 6 months, but it has been a great 6 months! We really appreciate you guys doing a stand out job, and being the best at what you do. Thanks again so much!

We are going to be looking for another 3-4 cars this week, another civic hatchback, a gtst or gtr, and possibly a Silvia.

Sam (Delaware JDM Imports)