My name is Nick Webb. I wanted to reach out to you to give praise about one of your employees, Yoshi. This past summer I decided to import my first vehicle from Japan. I did tons of research, asked around about may other importers, but finally decided to work with Japan Car Direct. Needless to say, the process was a bit overwhelming. Simply put, Yoshi was amazing. He answered my countless questions (Many of them stupid I am sure) and put me at ease throughout the entire process of purchasing my first Kei truck. Not once did I feel like I was bothering him.

Since the summer and because of Yoshi, I have sent several people your way (I know one has purchased) and have even ordered a few more vehicles from you all (another Kei truck and a Toyota Celsior). Yoshi and I are currently hunting down a few more Kei vehicles as well.

I am starting a small side business and am trying to sell 15 cars (all from JCD) this year. Yoshi’s attitude and his commitment to his customers and getting them the information that they need quickly is what is keeping me from going through another exporter. I have found my guy (Yoshi) and have no need to look any further. Why stray from the best?!

I just wanted to send this out to you so that you can give Yoshi a pat on the back…it is well deserved. As a small business owner myself, I always like to know when my employees are going above and beyond. And that is exactly what Yoshi is doing. He is an asset to your company and I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with him and JCD.


Nick Webb

Hello Yoshiro,

I have come to the realization that I never told you that I had received the radios. My apology. I received the radios not long after you sent me the tracking number. They worked exactly as described. Thank you so much for your help with this process. There were quite a few moving parts to this and you handled it like an expert. Your services will keep being the first I consider for my Japanese car needs. I hope you and your team are spending a nice holiday and I wish you all the best for 2020. Thanks again!!! Sincerely,

Martin Schram

Japan Car direct kicks ass and takes names! I worked with Mat throughout the whole process and I landed one of the world’s most iconic road machines out there, 1992 Skyline GTR. Mat provided a seamless process. I look forward to getting my import car. Mat I thank you for all your time and hard work and look forward to doing business with Japan Car direct again!!!!! You made a dream come true.

Brian Sacco

Mathew- I know you’re sleeping, but just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks again for calming me down a while back about the ISF filing. I picked up my Kei truck at the port in Newport News yesterday and couldn’t be more pleased. Yoshi was amazing…definitely a huge asset to your team. Be sure to pat him on the back. Once I get this thing cleaned up and to its final home in Charlottesville, VA on my farm I will get you some pics and do a proper review/writeup for you guys to use on your social media. You guys are my go to team for more of these soon. Thinking about getting a few more to resell and hoping I can create a small little side gig out of it. Thanks again and keep doing what you guys do! You all are the real deal.


Hi Yoshiro,

We FINALLY got the Registration and Title in the mail on Friday for our Sambar!!! No license plate yet, but they have to make that special with our Collector plate’s number on it, plus the letter ‘A’ , so that might take a while to get, too.

The DMV just needed the original export certificate, the translation of it, the Proforma Invoice and nine weeks to get it done. It’s actually pretty simple, just a matter of finding out what papers they actually need.

I was planning to buy another Sambar once we got this one licensed, but it’s probably best to wait until March. I don’t want to have it get covered with salt when it gets delivered to us and, unfortunately, winter isn’t far away anymore.

Thanks again for all your help in getting us our nifty, little truck,

Ron (Wisconsin USA)

My package has arrived undamaged. I am very impressed by the care taken when shipping my parts. Thank you so much again for helping me acquire these parts. I will surely contact you again in the future.

Martin Schram (American customer)