Good Morning, Scott

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

We picked up the mini truck on wednesday last week, and the process was seamless to say the least. The staff at the docks were incredible to deal with, so much so that we continue to talk about how friendly they were. It was unbelievable! Al was great, thanks for the recommendation.

It was pouring rain when we picked up the mini, so we didn’t snap a photo. But we do plan to get a photo of the truck now that its home for you.

The mini truck was exactly as it was described to us, exactly! It started with a simple turn of the key, idled smoothly like a vehicle with 4,800 kms would, and even had the new car smell. Rebecca climbed in, and became the mini’s first canadian pilot, and everything went extremely smoothly while she moved it over to be loaded on the trailer.

I was then handed the wheel, and carefully positioned the vehicle onto the trailer without a single issue. What a great little vehicle. Everywhere we go, everyone who sees it, just smiles, and in the end, everyone says they just love how simple it is. And even more so, everyone can’t believe how roomy the cabin is, even for taller people.

Looks like we will be buying more now, several friends are looking to have me help them purchase a truck, and we are planning to buy an Every van (same year and condition please!!). We would also like to find out about buying a 200 series excavator, if you handle that type of thing.

Thanks for everything, look forward to hearing back from you. We will order up some parts very soon for general maintenance, i’ll send the list tomorrow with the photo we take today of the mini. I’m back to work now, so better fly.

Two very satisfied customers,

Chris and Rebecca (Canadian Customers)

Finally got to bring my 1999 Impreza STi Wagon home today 🙂 Can’t drive it tomorrow until I sort out some paperwork with my license plate (it’s joint with me and my wife and she wasn’t around when I was registering it .. what a hassle. )

So. How to describe this thing …

Clean, is a good word. I could almost eat off the underside it’s so good. Interior is awesome, lots of antennas I need to take out, but clean and well respected which is always nice.
Sound .. has a glorious rumble, but is actually quieter than my RS was. But that’s a good thing because once that turbo spools up you can hear it nice and clear. And speaking of turbo, when that grabs hold …. into the seat you go, and I wasn’t even pushing much on this run. Might have hit 6 grand at half throttle on one merge, but damn this thing is going to be quick.
While I was impressed with the straight line, I was even more impressed with the first big set of S turns I hit. Picked at route home with a nice two lane set of S turns at the top of a quiet industrial park in a 50 to 100 speed transition. Empty roads means the I get both lanes to myself, hit some gas and line up for the apex, car settles in quickly and holds VERY tight through the curve, I might have be nudging 120, but it would have been as happy at 180, even with the tires being fairly used up. It’s got a good suspension set up tucked behind those nice gold rims.

Brakes weren’t sticky, a little noisy until I wear through months of surface rust, but good feel and no pulling.

It wants to tug right a little bit all the time, but I suspect that’s tires, or a quick alignment issue.

Definitely definitely definitely pleased with the product.

As for you guys, this whole thing started ages ago with a simple question about what freight for an Alto works (which I will still get one day !) might look like, and me saying I wouldn’t be able to do anything for at least 6 months. A question that despite being a slim prospect for business was handled with professionalism, a clear breadth of knowledge and some none too subtle hints of that deep down, consuming “car guy” passion. Fast forward to a couple months ago when we start working to procure a totally different sort of car, and the process is handled so smoothly and efficiently I barely had to be involved. Yet, when I was (often perhaps more heavily than I needed to be) there was always the same professionalism, knowledge and passion.

That’s what really sets you guys apart, I think .. it’s equal parts knowing how this game works, and having that desire to see these machines enjoyed elsewhere for many more years to come.
So, thanks for everything, it’s been quite a ride and I’m definitely looking forward to the next lap.
And I can say that I’ll definitely be recommending you guys for anyone I know who wants to bring something in. your fee is way more than fair considering the effort and attention that goes in to it from your end.

Thanks again for everything.

Adam M – East Coast Canada

Hey Scott,

I just wanted to thank you for your services. Your professional advice lead me to finding the most ideal mini rover. You were always quick to respond to all my inquiries and gave your honest advice for all possible options I proposed to you. Through the connections you had I was able to have the car within roughly a month of my winning bid. For anyone else looking for Japanese imports I would highly recommend Japan Car Direct’s services and I know I will definitely be using their services in the future for my next import.


Nicky (Canadian Customer)

Scott, I claimed the truck Saturday morning in Savannah. Hit the road, could only go about 10 miles per hour. Coaxed it up the freeway to the first truck stop. Fueled, removed the seat to see the air cleaner for the engine. The canister was totally full of dirt causing the engine to lose about 98% of its power. I removed the filter, cleaned out all the dust and dirt, replaced the lid with no filter and started the engine. It ran 100% better to the point I hit the freeway to Nashville. I cruised at 80 Km the 490 miles to Nashville. Got home 12:00 Sunday 12/07, had a very relaxing adult beverage, nice dinner with my best buddy, Mama Pam, and we said thanks to Scott, all’s well.

I will go to Suzuki dealer and get air filter, have the disk calipers lubricated, (They are rusted and don’t completely release), and put Fred, (the truck’s name) to work feeding cattle.
When I drove up the drive way, (about ¼ mile) the cattle on each side of the drive were curious about the new sound, sight, and smell so they were having a hissy. Whey warmed up immediately when I loaded it with hay and headed for the feed troughs. Happy ending!!!! Thanks again.

80 Year Old American Customer

Hi Scott,

Just wanted to email to let you know I have taken delivery of my new rx7 and I couldn’t be happier! Absolutely over the moon with her. Thank you so much for all your help with it all and it has been a pleasure to deal with you, I hope we can do business again someday.

Thank you again,

Tom (UK Customer)

Hi Scott / Dave,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help from my initial enquiry to sending the spare parts and everything in between!

The Suzuki arrived on Thursday along with the outstanding parts on Monday and I collected the documents yesterday afternoon from the post office.

The Suzuki is awesome and almost too good a condition that it’s a shame to use it but that’s what I bought it for, to be used! I have already had a lot of compliments from the delivery driver and the guys in the port to my friends and it isn’t even on the road yet, I also posted a few pictures on a facebook page (Australian 4×4 Suzuki Enthusiasts) and the response has been amazing. I have been sure to mention you guys to everyone who has asked where I got it from and have been singing your praises.

I am currently booking it in to register it for the end of this week / start of next but require to clean up the front drivers brake drum as its binding, on that note is it possible to have you guys look at sourcing a maintenance manual on this Suzuki? Let me know and thanks again.

PS will hopefully be looking to get a Suzuki Cappuccino or Alto works in the not too distant future through you guys. Also do you have any window stickers to put on the vehicle as I would be happy to fit one?

Kind Regards,

Theodore Isaac Rubin