I was introduced to Japan Car Direct (JCD) through a friend that imported his own Kei truck. Prior to me reaching out to JCD, I researched many other online buyers of JDM cars for many years and came away very disappointed for various reasons: their buyer’s fee or fees were ridiculously high; the price of their cars were ridiculously high; they seemed ambivalent about my needs; their English was not strong; the selection of their cars were very limited and/or their stock was full of cars that had been there for months, if not years.

Most importantly, I had no confidence they were acting on my behalf. JCD was completely different.

Since July of 2016, I have purchased 8 vehicles from JCD. They guided me and advised me as to which cars were solid, roadworthy, and mechanically sound. There were cars that I really really wanted and they advised me numerous times to pass on them because of their condition and I know they were right. I have purchased cars that I was able to re-sell with confidence and were in amazing shape. Most exceeded my expectations.

They care and they are by my side at every step of the process.

Raphael – USA

Hi Scott,

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how delighted I am with the 6-Speed MkIV Supra Twin Turbo that you were able to source for me.
I took my time waiting for the right thing to come up and I am extremely glad I decided to go with you as not only was the car the exact thing I was looking for – paying the extra money for an additional inspection on the car was very much worth it. It was exactly as described and I am loving it.

I would highly recommend anyone thinking about importing any car from Japan to use Scott and his Team at JapanCarDirect to do it. The price was extremely reasonable, the communication was swift and accurate and I was kept informed and guided through every step of the way. I always say that the mark of a good company is always answered with the question “would I use them again”? I am actually in contact with them now to import my next car!

Supra Twin Turbo
Tom UK Customer

Hi Scott,

My 1991 Mercedes 300D drives very well. The compression seems very good, and body and interior are what I expected – nice shape with just a spit shine needed to get bright again. Overall a great condition car for the age. Thanks very much for the help in getting the deal done!

Mercedes Benz 300d
Nick and Kelly

Hi Scott,

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I wanted to get the car all cleaned up before I emailed you back as the end result is really stunning. Bottom line… my biggest complaint is that I bought only one Figaro!

Anyway, I went to the docks at Jacksonville to pick up the car and trailer it home. When I got there I was a little worried as the front hubcaps were missing, the passenger window was open, there was shrink wrap all over where the window should be and the battery was dead. After putting the battery on a charger and running the engine for about 5 minutes, the electrical system came back to life, and I was able to bring the window up. While waiting, I found the hubcaps in the back seat. So all was good.

From what I can tell, I think the shipping company had the window down and couldn’t get it up after the battery died. They did their best to cover it up with shrink wrap and it all worked well as a hurricane had passed through while waiting for customs to clear and the inside was still dry. I got it on the trailer and brought it home with no issue at all. In fact, I think that since the car was open on the cruise over here that most of the smell had dissipated from being open for 6 weeks.

Interior – As you noted, the interior was really dirty but not as bad as I had expected. I removed every last interior panel and stripped them of the paint that was originally applied to them which had broken down and become really sticky. Apparently this happens to all Figaros. The floor mats cleaned up better than I expected. The carpet looks brand new. The door panels look like new after a really thorough scrubbing. I added some bolster to the seats and had a company re-dye the seats and repair the crack in the dash so all looks near new. You wouldn’t recognize the inside now!

Mechanical – It didn’t click in my mind that the car had only 25k miles on it. My neighbor is my mechanic and he hasn’t had a chance to touch the car yet as all that it needed was a new battery. The old gas in the tank made it sound rough at first, but after a fresh tank and a few revs, it sounds amazing. I wasn’t expecting such a throaty sound from the exhaust of a 1 liter turbo. I’m really happy. Having Nissan Micra related running gear has made it really easy. I’ve connected with a British owner’s club and that will help me get all the future parts I need. I’m guessing some tie rod ends will clean up the suspension, but it isn’t bad at all as is. Actually it is really smooth on the road and is eager to go faster than I want.

Exterior – This is the only place I was a little disappointed, but to be honest, the interior and mechanicals definitely make up for it and then some. There are four places where we have some corrosion points – two in the roofline where water accumulates in the soft top, one from a repair job in one of the back quarter panel top and the back window panel of the convertible top. Three out of four of those are actually common issues with the car. At some point in the future I’ll have all those repaired and a respray (which should raise the value of the car even more than the cost incurred). The back window panel has new/improved parts available from the UK that will prevent the same issues from happening in the future.

After I cleaned it all up, it looks amazing. Frankly, I’m the only one who has noticed the corrosion on the roofline as you have to remove a rubber gasket to see it. Needless to say, this isn’t something I would have expected you to see.

I went to a large car show in the area and parked it next to 15 Lamborghini’s. Let’s just say that mine was the only one of the 16 cars in that row that drew a crowd. It is impossible to drive anywhere without having conversations with multiple people. It is that good.

The only way it looks better is when my wife drives it. Nancy totally looks the part behind the wheel. She lived in Japan for a few years so, although she doesn’t remember Figaros, she can definitely appreciate driving it. We’ve translated all of the registration stickers on the front and back to English and have narrowed down the prefecture where the car was last parked (Gifu).

With that said, I’m trying to figure out my next move. Depending on some future income options and how well I can sweet talk my wife, I may want a Nissan Pao to add to the collection (or another Figaro to buy and flip here in the US to build up cash for a Pao). That probably won’t be until the end of the year, but don’t be surprised if I come back with another car request in the near future. Now that I know the ins and outs of bringing one over, we can do this much easier with much less worry on my part.

Long story short… thanks for being a part of this adventure with me. I’m really happy with the end result and couldn’t ask for a better. Hopefully we’ll do this again in the near future! I’m still watching the auctions and waiting for the right car, my bank account, and my ability to sweet-talk my wife all come into alignment! When it happens, let’s do this again!

All the best,
Selwyn (Florida, USA Customer)

The DIY import method went smoothly. All went as planned at the port and it was uneventful getting a license plate as well. I replaced the battery and tires, and changed all the dash lights to blue LED. I’ve ordered the missing decals, air and oil filter. It does have a minor oil leak (drop) or two. Most people think that its new, runs fine. It’s a blast to drive and draws a lot of attention. Everyone I come across wants one and I gave your name and site to several already. I definitely plan on getting another one around May. Would love the Van. Feel free to use me as a reference.

At Mikes house

Mike (American 25 Year Old Mini Truck Customer)

Hi Scott,

Great to hear from you.

I am fine and the 968 turned out to be in better shape than I had assumed. It has been neglegted a bit over the years and I am still fixing one or the other minor issue. But no mechanical problems, absolutely no corrosion whatsoever which is the most important aspect. Paint could be better, I have all the dents removed but the paint has some “coating” which I first thought was from trees and it can nearly not be removed. Took me a few evenings to remove it from all the glass, I had to use special glass polish. Anyway, the car regularly gets admiring comments for its good shape and classic look.

Hope at your end everything is fine and business runs well. I keep looking at the auctions every now and then but it’s quite quiet at the moment.

Gebhard (German Customer)