The Toyota Vitz for East Africa

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The Toyota Vitz

Sometimes our customers in East Africa ask us for advice about what is the best car to import from Japan to Kenya, to Tanzania, or to Uganda. Other times, as in the case of many of our Toyota Vitz buyers, they know exactly the car they want and they just say to us: “How much to import a 2008 Vitz to Kenya?” or they say: “I want to buy a used Toyota Vitz from the Japanese car auctions. What is the average price?” or: “Can I buy a cheap, low-mileage Vitz online?”

The Toyota Vitz for East Africa: Great little cor for Kenya popular and cheap

Why are Toyota Vitz buyers so sure from the start that they want a Vitz? Why is this little hatchback so popular in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda? So popular that it is always in the top ten or so Japanese used cars imported to East Africa.

O.K. Let’s look at the concept of the Vitz. Let’s look at the pluses and minuses of this concept for drivers in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Let’s look at how well the Toyota Vitz meets this concept.

The idea behind the Vitz is: Simple, cheap, light, front engine/front wheel drive (FF), economy car that is small in size but big in ability. Just look here at the inside load space of the Vitz:

The Toyota Vitz for East Africa: Good car to import direct from Japan


The Toyota Vitz for East Africa:  Very capable car for Tanzania and Uganda

Is this good idea for drivers in East Africa?



1)   Simple and cheap is good because it is more reliable and less costly to maintain, and all of us need to save money, no matter what country we live in.

2)   A light FF car can handle slippery and rough road surfaces safely. And while the roads now in East Africa are so much better than in the past, there are still many rough spots between the city and the village and a light FF car helps you deal with those challenging driving conditions.

3)   Because it’s small the Vitz can get you in and out of tight places, but inside it has a surprising amount of seating and luggage room, so it is a very capable car and a good all-rounder.

And I haven’t mentioned the sporty versions of the Vitz like the RS type.

The Toyota Vitz for East Africa: Sporty and practical import to Kenya this RS type

And they are even used for entry level class club racing at Fuji Speedway.

The Toyota Vitz for East Africa: Tuned car at Fuji speedway

It’s no wonder that Toyota’s good, solid, capable little Vitz is so well liked by the people who drive it.

So if you are looking to buy and import a used Japanese small car to Kenya, look seriously at the Vitz. If you want a small hatchback with a big ability to import to Uganda, think of the Vitz. If you want a sporty and fun but cheap and reliable used Japanese car for Tanzania, just grab yourself a Toyota Vitz from the Japanese used car auctions.

The Toyota Vitz for East Africa: Little blue Vitz great car to buy online from Japanese car used auctions

The Toyota Vitz is a good and reliable, fun and cheap to run little car for sure. And he’ll always get you home.


Vehicle Search Engine: Over 150,000 vehicles at auction weekly, plus thousands more on dealer lots.
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