The Toyota RAV 4 for East Africa

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The Toyota RAV 4

Can we recommend the Toyota RAV4 for import from Japan to Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda? We certainly do.

RAV4 for JCD Pic 1 2008 low tax for Kenya

And it’s very popular in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. It’s usually in the top 10 of second hand and used Japanese cars that people buy at the Japanese car auctions for direct import to East Africa.

As a Japanese used car exporter, Japan Car Direct has sold many to buyers not only in Kenya and Tanzania and Uganda, but also to buyers in Myanmar as well.

RAV4 for JCD Pic 2 2010 import direct from Japan to Uganda

And a really good point about the RAV4 is that when you need to carry five adults plus luggage, it’s got lots of room.

RAV4 for JCD Pic 3 2010 good car for Tanzania

The fact is that the Toyota RAV4 is a very useful SUV. Usefulness in many situations is its keynote, and that’s why it is so popular in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Our company president, Scott Bower ([email protected]), was recently in Kenya for meetings with our Kenya agent, Mel Oduor ([email protected]), and when he got back to Japan he told us about the roads and cars in Kenya and he said:

“Kenya is progressing and modernizing quickly. Many roads, especially in the towns, are very fine now. Out in the countryside, however, there are miles and miles of dirt, grave, and rough surface roads. And Kenya is a BIG country.”

RAV4 for JCD Pic 4 buy online from Japanese car auctions for big country Kenya

And this tells you why the Toyota RAV4 is so popular in Kenya:

1)  In town driving it’s a comfortable, relaxing car to drive. The CVT automatic transmission needs almost no attention from the driver,

RAV4 for JCD Pic 5 2010 CVT shift good for Kenya Tanzania Uganda roads

the suspension is comfortable without being sickly soft, the interior is very nice and even a bit luxurious (especially for a 4WD vehicle!), visibility from the high driving seat is excellent, and externally the car looks classy enough and not at all like an off road bush basher.

2)  In countryside rough road driving the RAV4 is a 4WD SUV with good grunt, the CVT gives you 7 speeds you can easily select to help you out on steep downgrades and steep hill climbs. The RAV4 will get you through most hard conditions in comfort and ease.

3)  The RAV4 has comfortable seating for five adults and luggage, so it makes a good family car; and because of its comfort and style even a small businessman or a company manager will not be embarrassed to drive his clients around in a RAV4.

RAV4 for JCD Pic 6 class SUV for Kenyan Tanzanian Ugandan business man

So it’s a perfect car for Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. It’s one of the best quality used vehicles that you can import direct from Japan. That’s why it’s always in the top 10 of used Japanese vehicles for East Africa.

If you want to buy a Toyota RAV4 online, direct from the Japanese car auctions, and import it yourself to Kenya (or Tanzania or Uganda), just contact us


Vehicle Search Engine: Over 150,000 vehicles at auction weekly, plus thousands more on dealer lots.
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