Ron (Wisconsin USA)

Hi Yoshiro,

We FINALLY got the Registration and Title in the mail on Friday for our Sambar!!! No license plate yet, but they have to make that special with our Collector plate’s number on it, plus the letter ‘A’ , so that might take a while to get, too.

The DMV just needed the original export certificate, the translation of it, the Proforma Invoice and nine weeks to get it done. It’s actually pretty simple, just a matter of finding out what papers they actually need.

I was planning to buy another Sambar once we got this one licensed, but it’s probably best to wait until March. I don’t want to have it get covered with salt when it gets delivered to us and, unfortunately, winter isn’t far away anymore.

Thanks again for all your help in getting us our nifty, little truck,

Ron (Wisconsin USA)

Martin Schram (American customer)

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