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Japanese Dealer Auctions Video: High End Low Cost Vintage and Luxury Cars

How long does it take to find the best German luxury cars and sports cars that come up for sale in Japan?

To find a good Benz, Porsche, BMW, Alpina, or Audi online via the Japanese car auctions or from the dealers here can take a bit of time (although it can often be very quick, too, when our customer knows what he wants and it comes up right away). First we clarify with our customer what he wants, what he really wants. Then we look at the availability and going prices. And then together with our customers we search, find, inspect, and then buy the car of his choice on his behalf.

But that’s not the end of the process. The car must be prepared for export, shipping needs to be arranged, and then, of course, the car must actually be shipped. It all takes a bit of time. It’s not too long till you get your good used car from Japan to your port of choice, but it’s a few weeks, for sure. No surprise there.

But you know what is surprising fast, and what many of our customers don’t know and never get to see? The auction process itself.

After all the searching and checking and preparation, which can take days or even weeks, the actual bidding and purchase of your car at the Japanese used car auction takes only seconds. Literally seconds.

Watch this video of the bidding screens we use as Benzes, BMWs, Jaguars, and Volvos come up for sale:


Bidding is rapid and goes up in increments of JPY5,000.

The girl’s voice just says: “Start,” and off the bidding goes. When the price has reached the seller’s floor asking price, she says “Urikiri desu.” The bidding then continues till the highest bid is reached, the bell rings, and the sale is done. Days and weeks of preparation decided in seconds. It’s one of the fun and thrilling parts of our work as a Japan-based used car exported. And winning for a good price is a sweet thing indeed, both for our customers, and for us.


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