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Myanmar Business

Japan Car Direct LLC works to export vehicles to you at the lowest cost, and fastest way possible:

    • Your vehicles are sourced directly from the over 100 Japanese dealers auctions.
    • Vehicles are exported from six different port locations across Japan for the lowest inland transport costs.
    • Three different shipping lines are used with a total of more than eight direct ships from Japan to Myanmar every month for the fastest shipping.
    • Low cost service to remove the roofs of large trucks or other high boxes to decrease the M3 size and freight cost are available.
    • Sourcing of new, rebuilt and used parts to be exported in the vehicles or by EMS.
    • Professional friendly service, and clear communication.

Choose Japan Car Direct LLC ~ we will meet or beat any of our competitors on price and speed.

Import Regulations

The used vehicle import regulations have been changing at a rapid pace since September 2011.
Currently the government CIF values for importing used vehicles are in the table below. The values are in $US, according to the year and make of the imported vehicle. 100% of the CIF value is charged upon importation for vehicles with engines larger than 2000cc, 80% for vehicles with engines less than 2000cc, and 50% for vehicles with engines under 1350cc. An additional 65% of CIF value is charged for licensing of the vehicle.

YEAR BRAND 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Toyota 3800 4000 4200 4400 4600 4800 5000 8750 12500 16250
Mitsubishi 3800 4000 4200 4400 4600 4800 5000 8000 11000 14000
Subaru 3600 3800 4000 4200 4400 4600 4800 5000 7668 10334
Honda 3800 4000 4200 4400 4600 4800 5000 7000 9000 11000
Nissan 3800 4000 4200 4400 4600 4800 5000 8000 11000 14000
Mazda 3800 4000 4200 4400 4600 4800 5000 7000 9000 11000
Mercedes 4800 5000 7000 9000 11000 13000 15000 17000 19000 21000
Mercedes 7000 12500 18000 23500 29000 34500 40000 45500 51000 56500
S Class BMW 4600 4800 5000 7500 10000 12500 15000 17500 20000 22500
Volvo 4600 4800 5000 7500 10000 12500 15000 17500 20000 22500
Audi 4600 4800 5000 7500 10000 12500 15000 17500 20000 22500
Volkswagen 3600 3800 4000 4200 4400 4600 4800 5000 7000 9000

Starting in May 2012, Cars manufactured in 2007 or later, do not require an Import Special Permit. This is the first step in the normalization of the Myanmar car import market.

Import Process

  • Clients make a 100,000yen deposit to Japan Car Direct LLC’s Japanese funds bank account. Each deposit enables the customer to bid on one vehicle. No $US remittances are permitted due to present American sanctions.
  • JCD searches for the best vehicles available at auction every day.
  • JCD translates all of the best vehicle auction reports, and bids according to the client’s instructions.
  • If the client wishes, JCD will have an additional third party inspection done before bidding on the vehicle, on the day of the auction.
  • Upon winning vehicles at auction, a Proforma Invoice for the C&F value, vehicle photos, and auction sheet, are e-mailed to the client.
  • The client then makes a telegraphic transfer for the balance of the monies owing within two working days.
  • JCD arranges for the vehicle to be transported to the Japanese port.
  • JCD then has the export certificate made, and mails it to the forwarder with the ISP permit.
  • A booking will then be made for the next available ship for Yangon and Thilawa ports.
  • JCD has all of the original required documents couriered to the customer, and sends any car equipment such as keys, remote controls and shift knobs by registered mail.
  • JCD will have the BL surrendered if requested by the client.

Required Documents

  • Shipping Invoice
  • Export Certificate
  • English translation of Export Certificate
  • Bill of Lading
  • Copy of courier receipt
  • Bill of Sale

Let JCD take care of all of your import needs in a professional and timely manner.
JCD promises to deliver the highest quality vehicles for the lowest possible price.
We look forward to the opportunity of doing business with you.

Breaking News

Myanmar has announced tax-cut on imported cars 2014-15 and takes measures to remove
locally-manufactured vehicles running on roads

July 16, 2014
The Myanmar regional transport authorities are taking measures to remove vehicles manufactured by
local companies in industrial zones in the country, setting to hand them in to the authorities
starting this week, official media reported Wednesday.

These locally-produced vehicles are blamed for having low quality which pose danger to road safety.

These vehicles include cars produced from Mandalay Industrial Zone, jeeps from Taunggyi Aye Thaya,
Monywa, Yenangyoung and Yangon Industrial Zones, according to Mandalay Region Directorate of Road

It is estimated that 12,000 vehicles, manufactured in various industrial zones, are used across the
nation, of which 3,000 are in northern Mandalay region.

In return for handing over the locally-manufactured vehicles, the directorate said it will allow the
import of vehicles costing less than 15,000 U.S. dollars and these imported vehicles are to be
levied with a 20-percent tax exemption.

Myanmar has announced tax-cut on imported cars in the present fiscal year of 2014-15 in a bid to
further bring down car prices.

Due to restrictions on imported cars in the past, car prices are extremely high.

Since September 2011, Myanmar has laid down a program to substitute private-owned vehicles of more
than four decades of age with new ones, canceling the validity of such registered vehicles which
amounted to over 55,000, according to available figures.

According to the Department of Road Transport Administration, there was a total of 4.23 million
registered motor vehicles as of the end of March 2014, of which 434,169 are passenger cars while
124,597 are trucks, 22,151 buses, 3.59 million motorcycles and 61,000 56,000 others

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Vehicle Search Engine: Over 150,000 vehicles at auction weekly, plus thousands more on dealer lots.
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